Working with Older Adults and Alcohol

Monday  19 June  2017  9:30 AM    Monday  19 June  2017 12:30 PM
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Last update 02/07/2018

Designed for: Social Care staff who come into contact with older adults who may be at risk of alcohol misuse


Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to identify adults that may be at risk
  • Understand why older adults may drink alcohol
  • Knowledge of where you can signpost older adults to
  • Understanding of behaviours and coping strategies


Evaluation methods: Staff learning forms



      Policy and Legislation:

  • Rights & Safety Policy
  • Adult Support and Protection Policy
  • Falls Management


  • Managing relationships: Empowering people; working in partnership; leadership; empathy; dealing with conflict.
  • Managing self: Professional autonomy; lifelong learning; flexibility; confidence; resilience; accurate self-assessment; awareness of impact on others; Awareness of wider context.
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