Wider Horizons Transformational Gathering for Young Adults

Wider Horizons Transformational Gathering for Young Adults
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From Fri 30 July 2021 to Sun 1 August 2021
From Friday 30 July 2021 to Sunday 1 August 2021
12:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Calling young adults who want to dive deep, widen their horizons and explore things that really matter! 

Are you a conscious soul who wants to help create a better world? Would you like to experience more meaning, connection and joy in your life? The intention for the weekend is change, growth and transformation, catalysed by wondrous workshops, sacred ceremony and mellifluous music.  

Join us at Wider Horizons and explore cutting-edge discoveries in science, spirituality, philosophy, health and well-being. Learn about the mysteries of life - all things creative, wild, mystical and conscious, from great minds and experts in their field. Practise tools for self-care and healing; raise your awareness of social and eco-activist issues and develop tools to become an effective changemaker, empowered to create a better future from a place of peace and deep understanding of self and life. 

Our amazing professors, doctors, explorers, artists, elders, druids include: Dr Rosalind Pearmain, Dr Megan Cowles, Leo Rutherford (Shaman), Chris Park (Druid), Rita Hraiz (Shaman), Hannah Jewel (Shaman), Juliette Bryant (Healer), Erika Tourell (Yoga Master), Chris Fitchew (Healer) and many more (other very special secret guests tbc).   

There’s Ecstatic Dance on Saturday night, songs around the fire and music from top musicians - Ravi Freeman, Carrie Tree, Ben Ben Ji, Scott &Maria, Sivani Mata, George Barker, Moshe Halperin & DJ La Plage.

Wider Horizons Transformational Gathering for Young Adults  

Friday 30th July - Sunday 1st Aug  

Wasing Park, Berkshire  

Tickets – www.buytickets.at/widerhorizons/503519 ????


This is our third gathering, and we’re expanding upon the magic created from the previous ones, to inspire you with the knowledge, energy and self-belief to step into your true self and embrace life with optimism and trust.

The Gathering will be held at Wasing Park country estate - with wild swimming lakes and beautiful ancient woodland - just outside Reading. Workshops and entertainment run from Friday at 12.30pm to Sunday at 5pm.

Full info – 




Watch movies of our previous events here:





If you have any questions for the community you can join the Wider Horizons FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/495226594356699

We’re super excited to welcome you at the Wider Horizons Summer Gathering 2021. Join us over three days at a beautiful sacred site and make some amazing friends for life! 


Ticket includes delicious vegan food and teas for 3 days

Buy tickets - www.tickettailor.com/events/widerhorizons/503519 ????

Please note - if we cancel due to Covid you will be entitled to a refund.

General Release £181 

Low Income £163

Ticket prices are subsidised by funding by the Scientific and Medical Network to make it affordable for young adults. If you are financially abundant, please consider making an additional donation to help us offer special prices for young adults on low income.



There is ample space for tents, campervans and caravans and offsite local accommodation options. Check website for further info - www.widerhorizons.events

We have furnished bell tents available for £150 (Includes two single raised airbeds, with hotel grade linen, pillow, blanket for each bed, bedside table, lamps and carpet. www.tickettailor.com/events/widerhorizons/503519


WIDER HORIZONS 2021 WORKSHOPS (Full details on website www.widerhorizons.events/contributors-and-workshops-summer-2021/):

A TOOLBOX OF SELF AWARENESS TECHNIQUES - Examining the nature of reality and awakening and sharing creative consciousness. With Athena Constantinou

CLIMATE CHANGE - WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? - This workshop explores how all of us can play a role in addressing the greatest threat facing our planet. With Danny Gross, Friends of The Earth

CACAO CEREMONY - An opportunity to work with plant medicine in a safe, held and sacred space. Cacao opens the heart and facilitates expansion of awareness in order to move into right relationship with Self. With Kristina Evans

THE WORK THAT RECONNECTS - Discover and experience your innate connections with others and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action. With Ben Gross MSc and Georgia Francis

VEDIC FIRE CEREMONY - Learn a ritual to honour the rising and setting of the sun. With Agni Hotra

YOGA FOR EVERYONE - A gentle yet powerful awakening of the body-mind, through breath work and mindful movement, to encourage a heightened sense of aliveness, awareness, balance and wellbeing. All levels warmly welcome, including complete beginners. With Erika Tourell

MOON INSPIRED INTENTION CIRCLE - The phases of the moon and how best to synchronise your life with them and harvest it’s energy. With Amy Atkins 

WAND MAKING – Make Yew wands with crystals and copper wire and Yew from our 1000 year old Yew tree. With James Mermagen, Druid

YOGA NIDRA - A deeply relaxing guided meditation done lying down, to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, increase awareness, enhance creativity, bring nourishment, insight and healing. 

CHANTING FOR CHANGE - Learn Mantra medicine and heart opening chants from the path of bhakti yoga, the devotional aspect of yoga. Changing the world from within. With Vandita.

ACOUSTIC FIRESIDE SESSIONS - Experience healing and prayer; sing sacred songs from around the world. With Ravi Freeman, Charlotte Mabon, Adrian Freedman, Chris Park, Scott and Maria, Sunny Davidson, Rosie Foye, Vandita, George Barker, Moshe Halperin, Ben Ben Ji and special guests to be announced! 

Full details on website https://widerhorizons.events/contributors-and-workshops-summer-2021/

* programme may change slightly


Wider Horizons is a transformational gathering, so we have established agreements upon which we hope you’ll adhere:

Be healthy – no alcohol or other drugs

Be hygienic – no dogs, bring your own water bottle, cup, bowl and spoon and keep them with you and keep them clean

Respect the land – no chemical soap (biodegradable soap will be provided at sinks, but please also bring your own for showering); if you light a candle, you put it out, no personal fires, if you smoke please bring a portable ashtray, leave no trace (be conscious of where you put your rubbish – there are different rubbish bins for compost, recyclables, glass and landfill), no cars in the camping area – you can drive in and drop your kit where you’ll be camping, but then please, take your car to the car parking area which’ll be along the hedge, close to the gate, at the entrance to the main camping field.

Respect Others – ask before you hug, no photography, no mobile phone use in the gathering area, no floor scores (if you find something take it to lost property)

Give – do at least one shift in the kitchen or site maintenance, no buying or selling




Wasing Woodland, near Reading, Berkshire. Full details will be provided with ticket.

We will run a shuttle service from Midgham Station on Friday between 10am and 12.15pm and Sunday from 6.00 for anyone who has not met someone who’s giving them a lift.

Car parking space available on site. Please park along the hedge near the gate, by the entrance to the camping field, as soon as you’ve dropped off your kit where you’re camping.

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Wasing Park
Wasing Lane, Aldermaston, RG7 4LY, England, United Kingdom
Membership card and dress code
Transformational fancy dress on Saturday night

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Wasing Lane, Aldermaston, RG7 4LY, England, United Kingdom

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Wasing Park
Wasing Lane, Aldermaston, RG7 4LY, England, United Kingdom
Membership card and dress code
Transformational fancy dress on Saturday night

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