Wider Horizons 2019 - The Transformational Gathering in Nature for Young Adults

Friday  13 September  2019  10:00 AM    Sunday  15 September  2019 5:00 PM
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Wider Horizons  - The Transformational Gathering in Nature for Young Adults

Friday 13th Sept - Sunday 15th Sept 2019

Wasing Park, Berkshire

Wider horizons is a gathering of like-minded people looking for a fuller, deeper purpose during their journey into adulthood.  It takes place over 3 days & two nights in the woods of Wasing Park, a private estate in Berkshire with wild swimming lakes, and costs £144 which includes camping facilities and all meals.  It’s an opportunity for benevolent brains to combine in creativity, explore the mysteries of life and learn from some of the greatest minds and experts in their field around all things mystical and conscious. Our aim is to equip young individuals with the knowledge, energy and self-belief to embrace life with optimism, foresight and belief in the unbridled and mellifluous magic that we all possess. 

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Wider Horizons has been intentionally created to provide a space to explore spirituality, science and consciousness and develop a deeper connection with nature.  The gathering integrates transformational workshops and experiences, participation and celebration. You will have a variety of opportunities to connect with nature, with others and with yourself. At the same time you will discover a new appreciation of the richness of the inner and outer world.

The contributors include Bruce Parry, Professor Marilyn Monk, Mac Macartney, Dr Jessica Bockler, Charlie Morley, Dr Olly Robinson and many more - professors, doctors, lecturers, Taoist sages, shamen, explorers, artists and  practitioners from a variety of healing disciplines. You are able to choose from a diverse workshop programme that includes a sweat lodge, a cacao ceremony, lucid dreaming, expressive dance, shared story-writing, Qi-gong, Yoga and sacred singing. As well as learning new skills, you will have opportunities to explore questions about who we are, the mysteries of consciousness and our relationship with the physical world. Alternative views of the nature of mind and the universe will be presented for you to experience.

The vision quest combines an inward journey into yourself and an outward journey into nature. It involves seeking a vision of what to let go of and what to bring into your life to liberate and empower you.

Experience has shown that a valuable sense of belonging comes from participation at gatherings in nature. We will be creating systems to sustain the relationships, connections and networks formed at Wider Horizons, involving an exciting yearly programme including regular meet-ups and internet chat rooms. Our hope is for Wider Horizons participants to stay together as a community, forming a nucleus which can not only support itself but also offer others alternative, positive and uplifting views.

Attending Wider Horizons entitles you to receive a year's free membership with the Scientific and Medical Network (https://explore.scimednet.org/), who are also kindly sponsoring this event.

Essential things to bring:

Tent, bed roll, sleeping bag, pillow
Torch and spare rechargeable batteries
Biodegradable soap, shampoo and toothpaste
Cup, bowl, plate and cutlery
Water bottle 

Consider bringing:

Small rucksack / hand bag
Sheepskin/hardy cushion
Musical instruments

You are welcome to bring your own tents, caravans or campervans. Alternatively, boutique bell tent accommodation is available (https://www.facebook.com/events/279044599669340). Workshops and gatherings will be held in a giant yurt and a magnificent stretch marquee. Heated outdoor showers provide for an authentic woodland experience. Culinary delights will be prepared in our new state of the art outdoor kitchen by our experienced outdoor chef and the ticket price is inclusive of food for three days. Evening celebrations will involve music, singing, drumming and dancing around the fire. Bring instruments, drums, percussion and dancing feet.

Wider Horizons is a consciousness raising event so we have some agreements we ask you to support. These are - no dogs, no drugs or alcohol, no mobile phone use in the gathering area, no photography, no chemical soap (biodegradable soap will be provided by sinks, but please also bring your own for showering), keep your cup, bowl and spoon with you and keep them clean, if you bring candles make sure if you light one you put it out, no personal fires, if you smoke please bring a portable ashtray, leave no trace (be conscious of where you put rubbish - there will be different rubbish bins for compost, different recyclables and land fill), no cars in the camping area - you can drive on and drop off, but then please take your car to the car park.

For more information - and details about the programme, (such as LUCID DREAMING, CACAO CEREMONY, SWEAT LODGE) and contributors (including BRUCE PARRY, MAC MACARTNEY, CHARLIE MORLEY), and how to get there, please visit our website - 

WEBSITE    widerhorizons.events     

To share with friends and connect please check out the instagram and FB page  -

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Come and unlock your true potential over three days in a beautiful, sacred woodland just outside London and make some friends for life!  

We look forward to seeing you at Wider Horizons 2019!  

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