Wider Horizons 2019 - The Transformational Gathering in Nature for Young Adults

Wider Horizons 2019 - The Transformational Gathering in Nature for Young Adults
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From Fri 13 September 2019 to Sun 15 September 2019
From Friday 13 September 2019 to Sunday 15 September 2019
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Are you a conscious soul who wants to improve the world? Do you want to find more meaning, connection and joy?
Join us at Wider Horizons - a transformational gathering of like-minded souls and learn tools to become an evolved and effective changemaker and create a better future.
Come and explore the mysteries of life and learn from some of the greatest minds and experts in their field, around all things creative, wild, mystical and conscious.
Our amazing Explorers, Artists, Elders, Professors, Sages, Shaman and Musicians include:

Nick Mulvey, Kurikindi, Bruce Parry, Mac Macartney, Charlie Morley, Professor Monk, Dr Olly Robinsin PhD and many more.
We’ll inspire you with the knowledge, energy and self-belief to step into the truth of who you are and embrace life with optimism and belief in the unbridled magic that we all possess.
Join us over three days in a beautiful, sacred woodland just outside of London and make some amazing friends for life.
We’re super excited to welcome you at Wider Horizons 2019!

Check out our website -

Insta - https://www.instagram.com/widerhorizons._


• Ticket Price £144 - includes delicious food and everything you need for 3 days - so there is no extra cost.
• Wider Horizons will be held in a beautiful glade in ancient woodland surrounded by wild swimming lakes, just 45 minutes from London.
• Workshops and gatherings are held in our giant yurt, spectacular geodome and beautiful stretch marquee, as well as in the open glade.
• Bring tents, caravans or campervans. Boutique bell tents are also available - for more info click here

• Heated outdoor showers provide for an authentic woodland experience.
• Joe Cathers and his team of woodland cooks will provide delicious breakfasts, lunches and suppers for all 3 days included in the price of your ticket. Vegetarian/vegan options and a focus on local harvesti
• Evening celebrations with music, singing, drumming and dancing around the fire. Bring instruments, drums, percussion and dancing feet

                      **  For full info on directions and what to bring and everything - https://widerhorizons.events

KEEPING OPEN TO THE GREAT MYSTERY; WHY MUCH LIES BEYOND THE PROVINCE OF SCIENCE - Be prepared to go on a journey into the evidence for a Great Mystery that lies beyond the physical world and beyond our waking reality. Dr Oliver Robinson PhD
RITES OF PASSAGE – Coming of Age and Rites of Passage around the world. Exploring whether the wisdom of ancient cultures can inform us in developing and reigniting initiation rituals. Bruce Parry
COURAGEOUS ACTION - An invitation to walk the trail of the Peace Chiefs. Mac Macartney
LEARN HOW TO LUCID DREAM - Dream-work techniques offering a uniquely holistic approach to lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping with the aims of psychological growth and self-discovery. Charlie Morley
SELF-MASTERY - exploring the different realms of knowing and being, how you were conditioned to be one version of you out of of 'hundreds of possible versions you could be, and the self-mastery enabling you to be the best version of yourself you choose to be. Professor Marilyn Monk
SWEAT LODGE - a purification and integration ceremony both for the individual and the group. Geoff Greentree
CACAO CEREMONY - An opportunity to work with a plant medicine in a safe and held sacred space. Cacao opens the heart and facilitates expansion of awareness in order to move into right relationship with Self. Kristina Evans
SCREEN ALCHEMY; A CALL TO ADVENTURE: NAVIGATING LIFE TRANSITIONS USING THE POWER OF MOVIES! - mindful film watching, discussions, writing and reflection to promote personal mastery. Dr. Amit Ranjan Biswas
THE PURUSHARTHA - an ancient blueprint for living well based on Yoga. Rina Golan
ALIGN AND EXPAND Tools for grounding, centring and deeply connecting to align yourself with your purpose and become a naturally attuned force for good. Jimena Paratcha
CULTIVATING LOVING KINDNESS - including guided meditations and simple yoga together with some (optional) partner work to help gain clarity, end suffering and open the heart to love and compassion for oneself and all living beings. Erika Tourell.
SHAMANIC REALIGNMENT Learn techniques to help you get connected, clear and motivated. Rite Hraiz
MAP WORKSHOP - An art workshop where participants use natural materials to make individual maps charting significant moments in their lives. Cleo Broda MFA, PGCert
SACRED SINGING CIRCLE - experience healing and prayer, singing sacred songs from around the world. George Barker, Moshe Halperin and Ben Gross
THE FLOCKING - A self-organising game, based on migrating animals, that creates complicity within self and group. Zoe Cobb
YOGA NIDRA - a deeply relaxing, guided meditation done lying down to help improve sleep, reduce anxiety, increase awareness, enhance creativity, bringing nourishment, insight and healing. Erika Tourell
SING TO LIFE. An experiential workshop to open your bodies, minds and hearts to the inspiration, energy and joy at the heart of life. George Barker and Moshe Halperin
STORY BASED EXPLORATION OF LIFE - How stories shape our lives and how we can be the author of our life. Rachel May
MUSES AND URGES - exploring how cultures have used trance, dance and other techniques for transformation and illumination, and offering new ways to navigate your wild nature, instinctive urges and creative drives. Mark Mabon
SUFI DANCE MEDITATION - a very simple guided meditation to cultivate awareness both in the movement and within sound. Erika Tourell
TRIBAL PEOPLES FOR TOMORROW’S WORLD. A celebration of indigenous voices and views. Gabriella Rutherford, Survival International
CLIMATE CHANGE - WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? - This workshop explores how all of us can play a role in addressing the greatest threat facing our planet. Danny Gross
JUST FOR FUN - a wide variety of games, playing as individuals, pairs, teams and whole group; at times circling with concentration and sensitivity, at others running around raucously. Jud Relf
ANCESTRAL TRAUMA CLEARING WORKSHOP - Work with seven generations behind you and seven generations in front of you to clear your ancestral lineage’s core traumas. Jen McCarty

THE MAGIC POWER OF GRIEF - A space to grieve for the things we didn’t get as children, and to alchemise that grief into a source of magic and power for our adulthood. Therapeutic techniques to access the wisdom of your unconscious mind, accept your past and dream in potential futures. Louis Weinstock
YOGA FOR EVERY ONE - a gentle yet powerful awakening of the bodymind through breath work and mindful movement to encourage a heightened sense of aliveness, awareness, balance and wellbeing. All levels of practitioner will be warmly welcomed including complete beginners. Erika Tourell
CHANNELING PRANA AND CONTROLLING THE MIIND - From morning pages to journaling to basic breathwork, rituals around the planetary motions and open heartfelt connection to our inner child, Zak Avery
DRUIDIC MAGIC, SPELLS AND RUNES - Wand-making workshop. James Mermagen
OUTDOOR COOKING – Learn how to cook locally harvested wild food in nature and produce incredible meals. Joe Cathers
Please note - contributors and programme are liable to change.

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