What is Tantra?

What is Tantra?
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Fri 15 November 2019
Friday 15 November 2019
7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

In this Evening Talk, you will:

Learn How to Awaken your True Self, Expand Your Consciousness and Ecstatic Pleasure using White, Pink, Red and Black Tantra. This event is designed to introduce you to the essence of Tantra, its spiritual practices and application to everyday life and relationships. This talk is for couples, individuals and practitioners at all levels and will explore different Tantric aspects by embarking on a Tantric Journey.

During the talk, you will find answers to the following:

What is Emotional Detox through Tantric–Tao bodywork?
What is Tantra?
How we can transform the past trauma held in our bodies to love, pleasure, sensitivity, happiness and ecstasy
How we can undertake the Tantric Journey to heal the pathway to illness caused by trauma
How Tantric Journey can help women withLoss of interest in sex
Difficulty in attaining orgasm
Painful sex
Love, intimacy and sacred sex
How Tantric Journey can help men with
Erectile dysfunction
Premature ejaculation
Sex and porn addictions and so on
How Tantric Journey can help couples to improve connection, love and intimacy
What is a yoni massage?
How can Women Ejaculate (Amrita) and orgasm simultaneously to become multi-orgasmic?
How can Male prostate and lingam massage help men to live long, stay young and strong?
How can Men separate the orgasm and ejaculation and become a better lover?
How to become multi-orgasmic through male / female prostate (G spot) massages
How to enhance your relationships with yourself and others
Tantra is for everyone. Once you understand the different options offered by Tantra, you can start your journey from your most comfortable place and go as far as you would like to.

Tantra will help you discover how to enjoy your tantric spiritual practice. It will offer you the keys to free yourself from limitations and lead a blissful life.

Who can benefit:

This Talk is ideal for Men and Women who:

Wish to experience an understanding of Tantra beyond the “concept” that Tantra is only about sex.
Wish to have a deeper and more meaningful connection with their inner self and others
Wish to free themselves from the limitations of their mind and live life to their full potential
Wish to become intuitive and in tune with their body and mind
Wish to break down blockages, body armouring and barriers to allow for intimacy, love and sexuality with self, others and life.
Wish to release negative emotions as a result of past traumas and fear of the future and live fully in the present.
Wish to bring a greater sense of enlightenment and aliveness to their existence
Wish to awaken to one’s full potential in life, love and relationships
Wish to live a stress-free, positive and healthy lifestyle and be independent and empowered
What does the Talk consist of?

Talk with a power point presentation on Emotional Detox through Tantric Journey
Video demonstrations of
Emotional Detox bodywork
Energy Orgasms
This will illustrate how to get rid of stagnant negative emotions caused by trauma, negative upbringing and belief systems—all of which that limit your success. To show how the Transformation makes way for a free flow of positive energies to help awaken and achieve your highest potential with good health, wealth and happiness.

Where is it held?

Tantric Journey Temple, Hammersmith, West London, UK

The Talk is held in a beautiful private, safe and sacred Tantra Temple in West London. This is a unique and perfect opportunity to begin exploring your own Tantric Journey at a pace that is comfortable to you.


Code of Conduct:

Please note that no explicit sexual activity or nudity takes place during the event.
All participants should respect each other.
The workshop is held in a peaceful, supportive and healing environment, so it is requested that mobile phones are turned off. Photography and videography are not permitted without prior permission.
Vehicles are not to be parked on the same road as the temple. They are to be parked in a nearby road, and participants are requested to walk up to the temple. Free parking is available in the area on Fridays after 5 pm.
Participants are requested to refrain from making noise both inside and outside the temple or to disturb the neighbours.
This is clothes-on event. Dress in casual and loose clothes.
Shoes must be taken off before entering the Temple.

Cost £20

For more details and to book click here.

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