Wartime Women

Sunday  11 November  2018  1:30 PM
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What did Mummy do in the War?

Things she'd never done before!


What did mummy do in the war? Things she’d never done before!

It’s the First World War. For the first time, 'ordinary' women became pilots, mechanics and engineers.  They made munitions, worked the land and performed daring acts of espionage behind enemy lines.  Things would never be the same again!

Often moving and frequently funny, the celebrated mistress of dramatic cabaret, Fiona-Jane Weston, re-creates the excitement of times that changed our world forever.

This special performance marks the 100th anniversary of The Great War and will contain fabulous new material, including a rarely performed song sung by Suffragette professional musicians to the troops on the Front!

 '...performed with charm and wit... maintains a light touch, imparting intriguing nuggets of information at every step.' ★★★★ The Times

Musical Director: William Godfree
Director: Patrick Lambe


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Kings Head Theatre
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Kings Head Theatre
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