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Finding The Connection Between
Mind, Body & Spirit

Join us on an amazing journey of fun, leisure, information, and spiritual awakening through the sacred and magical heritage and cultures of Africa. An unforgettable day filled with inspiring talks and workshops for education, family, relationship, business, and personal motivation. Prepared to celebrate you.​

By attending this magnificent event, you might actually think you're traveling through the continent of Africa.

Come network with us and make important connections.

We bring like-minded people together in a community-oriented setting who are interested in exploring African vibrant lifestyle and afro wellness. The event will have a strong emphasis on showcasing a variety of healthy  living options, friendly options for fun and leisure, and guidance for self-development and empowerment, as well as offering opportunities for visitors to learn about making more conscious choices about their physical health, emotional well-being & finance, and growing their soul through motivational talks, coaching and private mentorship workshops.

You'll be introduced to the most inspirational, empowering, educational, and entertaining day of your life! An intimate group of passionate individuals who are committed to helping you travel to your deeper Magnificent Self.

Visitors can expect to find a range of lifestyle exhibitors,

ranging from well-being & wellness treatments holistic therapists, such as therapeutic massage, chair massage, Reiki, reflexology, facials, manicure & pedicure, natural skincare products, makeup, & face painting for children. space for kids to play, sound therapy, herbalism - yoga, meditation,  herbal tea and resting area, life readers, astrology, numerology, tarot readings, crystals, talismans and Angel workers, entertainment such Zulu dance, Ethiopian dancers, African traditional Theatre, African drums, classical choreography dances,

The fashion show, storytelling, poetry live music performance, comedy., travel, wine tasting, gala dinner and more

Relationship, business,  emotion coaching, women and men health workshops motivational speakers,  African art and craft catering space, plus natural juice area.

colorful lovely, joyful African atmosphere


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