Telling Stories: Making Business - Audrey Scully

Thursday  24 January  2019  12:15 PM    Thursday  24 January  2019 1:45 PM
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Today's Story Teller is Audrey Scully

of 'Joy is the Key'

Story Title: How to Find Joy Through Abundant Existence

My business helps you find your purpose and joy through inner transformation.  I help you find your next level in your spirituality; connecting you to higher levels of consciousness thorugh transitional work on limiting beliefs and relieving trauma, releasing pain.  This helps you live more fully, enhances your life and helps you find your purpose. 

Today I shall share a case study to show what I do. My story is about my business and how I got there, how I went from 9 to 5, to an abundant existence, finding joy. 

The Question I have for the Telling Stories Group

How can I use my story to connect to people?

Are you a coach, consultant or freelance, who wants to promote their business and take their practice to a new place?

Do you love stories and long to find your own story that gives voice to your business?

Great stories are true because they have integrity, they make a promise (that must be met), they are subtle and yet make a rapid first impression, they appeal to our senses and match a particular worldview.

So, finding a story that will promote your business is not easy.  But it can be easier if you share your search with a dynamic group of business-owners.

This self-help group will listen to and provide feedback for business stories and help each other market their business through stories.

Join us at the The Rude Shipyard on 2nd and 4th Thursdays to find out:

  • How to tell your story in a fresh and compelling way
  • How to use your story to market your business and become better known
  • How to adapt your story in new and innovative ways.

We do more than tell stories.  We share ideas about how to tell stories so they are really effective.  Each month, one member of the group shares their story and together we listen, take note and work out how the story can be improved.  Everyone learns from this experience and improves their story telling.  We cover a range of business applications and media for telling your stories.

A fee of £5 on the door covers my overheads including the story-teller's lunch.  Please be prepared to purchase lunch at The Rude Shipyard. Please inform me in advance if you require disabled access.

See the full programme for Telling Stories here:

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The Rude Shipyard
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