Surround Bristol City Hall #NoCuts

Tuesday  21 February  2017  5:00 PM    Tuesday  21 February  2017 6:30 PM
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Last update 22/02/2017

Join the protest against the huge cuts (£101m) facing Bristol because of failed and unnnecessary Tory austerity - rallying outside the Council Budget Meeting (going on until later in the evening).

Cuts details here:

We demand urgent national investment in our public services, housing and communities, and ask Mayor and Council to take a public stand with us.

Help us build a national wave of resistance against austerity - just as we did in May 2015! Don't forget the March 4th 'It's Our NHS' National Demo coming up too (set to be very big):

*** Bristol PA in no way condones or encourages intimidation of Councillors or officials as part of this protest - we are endeavouring only to make an anti-cuts presence strongly felt at this decisive moment for the city ***

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City Hall, Bristol
College Green, Bristol, United Kingdom

Josephine Crawford Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 10/02/2017 00:44
Thanks!- Unfortunately unable to attend but will be with you All the way!

Rob Bryher Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 02/01/2017 20:44
Hi guys, what is the aim of the demo? If it is awareness-raising and to get in the media, seems great. If it's to get local politicians involved, this is right in the middle of the budget meeting (it will be from 2pm to about 10ish, I think) so might need a rethink. Glad to see this is happening!
Bristol People's Assembly
-- 02/01/2017 20:44
Sorry just saw this and approved post Rob. Aim of demo is to demonstrate mass public opposition from Bristol to the proposed cuts - which definitely includes getting local Councillors on board. Clearly we're aware Councillors will be 'occupied' inside, but this is also clearly a fairly exceptional situation (the scale of cuts to already struggling circumstances) that requires exceptional response from Councillors and Mayor. We would hope that time can be made for them to come out to address the protests in spite of their schedule. A bold united statement against the local government austerity needs to be made by all on the evening, and a strong message sent to central government. That can't be done from just within the Council chamber. All the best and many thanks for the support.

The Bristol Cable Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 13/01/2017 15:04
“This looks like rationing of healthcare” Cable report on the affects the Sustainable Transformation Plans could have on local services

David Collins Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 08/02/2017 20:45
May be a bit late but will be there

Bristol People's Assembly Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 13/02/2017 13:54
Surround City Hall ********************* Let's make this huge. The Tories have made it clear that although Austerity has failed (with the biggest national debt in decades), it is far from over. In the 'Autumn Statement' (23 Nov) they announced that they'll continue with £billions of planned public service cuts to education, NHS and welfare budgets, whilst further cutting taxes for rich corporations. There are no plans for investment in council housing/social Housing in the midst of a massive crisis, and what's more, they have no plans to row back on *scrapping funding for LOCAL COUNCILS by 2020*... This means £101m of CUTS to Bristol's essential services, such as those for Vulnerable Adults, the Elderly, Disabled people, Children, Young People, Families, People in Crisis and the offloading of the entire Library service. Our city and our people can't take these cuts any more: they are ruining the lives of those in need of help, pushing public service staff past breaking point, degrading services for ALL of us and significantly worsening inequality in Bristol! The Mayor has met with the government minister 'responsible', and co-signed a letter in this vein to him, but we need escalate the pressure on him and the Council to push relentlessly to have these cuts reversed, alongside other city leaders. Most importantly, we need to be OUT IN THE STRETS in our thousands to stand up to this despicable, politically bankrupt, elitist government which has no mandate from the people... Like in May 2015, massive protest in Bristol can drive a national wave of resistance against these huge cuts to local services, and continuing austerity more generally. In that year, it helped bring Jeremy Corbyn to power in Labour. In 2017, it can help to bring decisive major crisis to the Tory government!
-- 13/02/2017 13:54
Elliot Francis need to meet up this week and get planning boy
City Hall, Bristol
College Green, Bristol, United Kingdom
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