Supervision Course

Sunday  17 February  2019  2:00 AM    Sunday  17 February  2019 9:00 AM
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Recurring event

Supervision Course
From 23 Mar 2019 to 23 Mar 2019
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Supervision Training
P.G Certificate/P.G Diploma
Starting February 2019
Facilitated by
Linda Smith
Mike Worrall
NWCS/Counsellingxtra is a not for profit organisation
Charity No. 1120569
Full details on the Website
Telephone: 0115 960 5577
This supervision course supports you to identify, articulate and ful-fil your own personal and professional learning needs, and to de-velop your own approaches to supervision, whatever your theoretical training, orientation and practice.
We aim to facilitate a co-operative, mutual learning experience in which you can develop and enhance your competencies and pro-fessional skills in the field of supervision.
We will respond to your individual learning styles and support your emerging development as reflective practitioners. We offer oppor-tunities to deepen your understanding and practice of supervision.
We expect to develop the content of the course in collaboration with you. These are some of the issues we would be interested to look at, and you may bring others:
. What is supervision?
. Beginnings, responsibilities & boundaries
. Supervision as a developmental process
. Different styles of supervision
. Interpersonal process recall
. Therapeutic processes in supervision
. Power, context & culture
. Legal & ethical issues in supervision
. Research in supervision
. Supervision across different media
Supervision across different technologies
Throughout each course module there will be opportunities for large and small group discussion, experiential work & supervised practice of supervision. Self & peer assessment will form part of each module.
This course is suitable to applicants who are 2 years post-qualified in counselling, counselling psychology or psychotherapy; or who have a related profession or an equivalent level of training and experience.
This course is designed to support you to:
Practice ethically and professionally
Identify and respond to the personal & professional challenges of supervision
Develop as reflective practitioners
Learn, practice & develop your supervisory skills
Explore key concepts, issues & practice in supervision
Discuss the professional contexts of supervision including
responsibilities, tasks, and contracts
Think about supervision within teams and organisations
Determine the process of developing creative & collaborative rela-tionships with supervisees
Discuss comparative theory & practice of supervision
Review current literature on supervision
Offer supervision over a range of individual & group settings
Throughout the course there will be opportunities for large and small group discussions along with experiential work and super-vised practice of supervision. Self and peer assessment will form part of each course content
Relevant handouts, reading list and materials of interest linked to the course will be given out throughout the course.
In a spirit collaboration and co-operative learning, the precise content of the training will be student-centred and process-led.
Relevant handouts, reading list and materials of interest linked to the course will be given out throughout the course.
Course Entry Criteria:
Applicants must be two years post qualification or equivalent.
Applicants not having completed any relevant supervision certifi-cate course, on satisfactory completion of this course will secure a Certificate in supervision. On completion of this certificate course these participants have the option to attend the next Diploma course subject to availability.
Applicants who have already completed a relevant supervision certificate course will be eligible for the supervision diploma qualification. They must provide proof of relevant qualification. On satisfactory completion of this course these participants will secure a Diploma in supervision qualification.
Assessment criteria:
Successful completion of course attendance is 100%
The course is self,peer and tutor assessed.
All participants who successfully complete the course criteria will be awarded the relevant certificate at the end of the course.
I have studied integrative, cognitive behavioural & person-centred theories and practice and taught and facilitated for many years within these philosophies. I facilitated a person-centred supervision course along with Mike in Sheffield. I feel passionate about accepting, trusting and engaging with the resources of relationship and my experience of the ethical integrity of non-directivity.
I work as a person-centred therapist, supervisor & trainer in Lon-don. I am particularly interested in supervision and in the training of supervisors. I have run Certificate & Diploma courses in person-centred supervision in Sheffield, London & Plymouth for many years.
With Keith Tudor, I have edited 2 collections of papers on person-centred approaches to supervision:
Freedom to Practice (PCCS Books 2003)
Freedom to Practice II (PCCS Books 2007)
Short Course:
Course Contact Time: (60 Hours)
2nd /3rd February 2019
16th/ 17th February 2019
2nd/3rd March 2019
23rd /24th March 2019
6th / 7th April 2019
Times: 10am-5pm
Course Fee: £1350.00
Deposit of 20% required to secure your place (non returnable) to be paid by December 1st 2018, this will be deducted from the cost of the course.
Early Bird booking discount if booked & paid in full by 31st December 2018 you will qualify for a 10% discount off full price (£1215.00).
Installment plan available:
Installment plan available (incurs £50.00 administration fee):
Payment of £466.00 by December 31st 2018
Payment of £466.00 by February 20th 2019
Payment of £468.00 by March 10th 2019
Cancellation policy:
If for any unforeseen reason NWCS is required to cancel this course all monies will be returned.

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