Stress - what is it doing to us?

Tuesday  21 November  2017  12:44 PM
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Last update 22/11/2017

Stress - what is it and what is it doing to us?

The facts are, the root cause to most of our illnesses relate to stress and allowing that stress to dictate our lives. We believe we have our stress managed by a yoga class here or a meditation workshop once a year, but we don't connect the dots properly. We are in denial to the truth that we have lost the art of listening to the messages of our body and are now in a constant state of stress. Until we get an injury, disease or receive a full breakdown, we don't know it’s our ignorance of our lifestyles that are seriously affecting our health

Exercise, yoga, meditation - these are plasters we all seem to be slapping on our body, hoping for whatever ailment we have to get better and go away. It's no longer about how we manage stress, it's about acknowledging that we are stressed, understanding how that is impacting so many areas of our life and how we break these patterns and learn better so the next generation is not picking up the pieces of the stressed world we are creating.

CloudCity are bringing together speakers within the health and well-being industries for a series of intimate talks in beautiful environments. It's a night out with like minded people sharing and enjoying conversations on really important health topics that you can take away and continue with your own friends and family. We want to change your conversation for better health and a better lifestyle.

November 21st talk will be focusing on this elephant in the room - where we are storing it, how is it impacting our bodies, how can we live a more stress free life, and how environmental stress is contributing to our overall well-being.

We are honoured to be able to bring together:

Glenys Reynolds (Host) - Stress Management Therapist

Abigail Adams - Movement Artist & Lifestyle Coach

Laura Knowles - Health Lecturer

Janette Marshall - Author & Energy Technician

They will be sharing their inspiring stories, tips, techniques, ideas and find out how they can help you move in the direction you really want to go with health, healing, wellness and happiness.

The evening will start with a complimentary welcome drink upon arrival (6.30 pm) followed by talks ( 7 pm prompt start) and a Q&A section at the end.

Please note this is an intimate venue and spaces are very limited. These talks are set up to create the sense of a "night out with friends"

This really is an opportunity to change the way you think about yourself and your health.


Parking available

5 Minutes walk from Woodford Station on the Central Line

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Packfords Hotel
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