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Last update 22/06/2017


The next meeting of the young onset dementia support group at St George's Hospital will take place on Wednesday this week, 17th May, from 7.30pm until 9.30pm in Boardrooms H2.7 and H2,8 on the 2nd floor of the Hunter Wing. As always, people are encouraged to arrive early for informal discussion and refreshments. (I have been assured that we will have tea and coffee available for this meeting).


Beatrice Allegranti, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Choreographer & Researcher from the University of Roehampton, will join us for the meeting, together with some other dancers from Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre, and professional musician, Robert Howatt.


Beatrice is leading an Arts Council funded participatory dance project with some people from the young onset dementia group and, as part of the presentation, she and the dancers will perform a short theatre piece based on this work, which has involved gathering stories about people’s lives and experiences of living with dementia, from the point of view of family members as well as the people with a diagnosis.


During the evening there will be an opportunity for people to take part in some dance improvisation accompanied by live music. Participation will be entirely voluntary, if you prefer it will be fine to sit and watch. 


Also attending on Wednesday evening, Richard Mulley who used to attend the support group on a regular basis with his wife, Alison, who had a diagnosis of young onset dementia. Richard and Alison moved to Yorkshire in 2015 to be nearer Alison's family. Richard has been back in touch recently. Alison died in January this year and Richard is moving back to the local area. He has volunteered to share his experiences of caring for Alison as her condition worsened. Richard's insights will be of interest and his advice helpful to many people.


After the introductory session and refreshment break on Wednesday evening, people attending the support group meeting will have the option of taking part in the dance workshop or talking with Richard in a separate room.


Claire O'Neill, Clinical Psychologist from the Cognitive Neurology Service at St George's Hospital will also be attending the meeting and anyone who would like to have a one-to-one conversation with Claire will be able to do so in a private space.


I hope to see you on Wednesday evening. Should you have any questions about the support group or wish to discuss any matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Barbara Stephens 07774 935905

The dates for subsequent meetings of the young onset dementia support group are as follows:

21st June, 20th July, 10th August.

If you require assistance with the booking procedure or for any other information, please contact or call 0845 257 2250



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