Using Spot Instances without any Drop in Uptime - A Spotinst Workshop

Tuesday  27 March  2018  2:30 PM    Tuesday  27 March  2018 6:00 PM
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Last update 28/03/2018

Spotinst is once more teaming up with Amazic for an afternoon of tech talk and hands-on teaching from one of Spotinst's top Solution Architects. Over the course of this workshop, you'll learn how to run mission critical applications on Spot instances safely, lowering costs by as much as 80% whilst suffering no drop in availability.

Pavel Klushin will lead the workshop and demonstrate how to run mission critical workloads on Spot instances, using Spotinst's platform to challenge the existing conceptions of Spot. Pavel will guide attendees through the account creation process, explaining some key use cases and talking integrations with Terraform, Ansible and more. 

There'll also be a chance to relax, have a cool beer and chat.

After the workshop, attendees will know how to migrate applications to Spot instances, how these migrations work with different integrations and best practices for making mission critical run on Spot.


2:30-3:00pm - Introductions
3:00-3:30pm - Creating new accounts
3:30-4:00pm - Stateful and stateless use cases
4:00-4:30pm - Container platforms support
4:30-5:30pm - CI/CD use cases, including Terraform, Ansible and Cloudformation
5:30-6:00pm - Post-workshop cooldown, discussion and well-deserved free beer

Important Note:

You will need to bring your own laptop to the workshop, along with having acces to an AWS account. Spotinst does offer solutions for Azure and Google Cloud, however this workshop will be primarily AWS focused. If you are using Azure or Google Cloud, please contact for more information.

All usage of Spotinst's platform will be completely free of charge during the workshop. Usage will also remain free for two weeks after the event. 

About Spotinst:

Spotinst provides an AI platform which enables News UK, JustGiving, Wonderbly and 1400+ other customers to reliably run production applications on Spot instances. The result is around an 80% saving on AWS EC2 costs without any downtime. Spotinst charges 20% of the amount saved, meaning that the platform pays for itself. 
Find out more at or contact

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AWS account

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