Sooth Your Senses: System Reset! Crystals, Sound, Aroma, Colour, Cacao!

Thursday  24 January  2019  11:00 AM    Thursday  24 January  2019 1:00 PM
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Recurring event

Sooth Your Senses: System Reset! Crystals, Sound, Aroma, Colour, Cacao!
From 21 Mar 2019 to 21 Mar 2019
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I have been visioning and curating the details of this event for almost two years, and after extensive crystal collecting, research, space creation, and creative manifestation I am finally able to bring this offering to you!
The events will involve lying comfortably in my dedicated Healing Space, and having a collection of crystals placed in a grid around your body and on key points on your body, from one of my collection of crystal grids. There are 9 grids in total, one designed for each Chakra, from the Earth Star, and Root, up through every chakra, and through to the Crown and Soul Star. Don't worry, no prior knowledge is necessary, just a curiosity and desire to heal! While you relax and meditate with these crystals, your sensory system will be treated to:
Sound-Therapy, as I move through a chakra led sound journey;
Colour-Therapy, as your aura will be replenished by coloured lights that move through the chakra colours;
Aroma-Therapy, as you experience specially paired essential oils, and;
Taste-Therapy (is that a word??? It is now!) as you allow a homemade raw organic chocolate to melt in your mouth with a specially selected therapeutic flavour.
This potent combination will allow your energetic system to come into resonance with a healthy frequency, and therefore it can clear up any associated physical, emotional, mental, or spirtiual issues that are connected to an imbalance (usually an underactive or overactive chakra, or distortion or block, all of which the webs can bring into alignment).
Discount for booking more than one, as it is cumulative and is more powerful if you do a series working with different chakras or the same, as needed. Perfect for getting through the winter with a high vibration! Throughout the series you'll have lots of opportunity to get to know the crystals that you'll be working with, and deepen your capacity to use all of these healing tools yourself.
- A raw organic chocolate.
- A 50ml Crystal Elixir to take home and keep, which carries the energy of the web you've experienced, for you to maintain the energy of the healing you receive. (More info on these amazingly magical products including a brochure and shop is here: )
- Crystal Spritzs used freely during the ceremony.
- An information sheet about the chakras, and information about the web you've experienced.
- A small set of chakra crystals to take home and use yourself (on your first session only).
The session and ALL of the gifts listed will cost:
£25 for a single session.
£80 for 4 sessions.
What have people said:
"I honestly didn't know much about crystals - actually I was a bit sceptical! It took a little while to feel anything, but I started to feel a warm tingly feeling all over, and I could feel the vibrations of the crystals - it was like they locked together and amplified, because it did get pretty intense. I was feeling strong sensations and I definitely felt a lot better afterwards!" - Juan
"For me I had a pretty intense ear infection, and between the Throat Chakra and Third-Eye Chakra webs, I cleared the energy out and recovered without needing antibiotics - haha, this is not medical advice!! But I feel that I was healed by this process - I noticed my inner-vision and ability to jounrey was also really strong when I used the web, so I definitely want to work with these more!" - Jessie

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