Smartphone Quiz at The Roundel - Impossible to Cheat

Thursday  21 February  2019  12:00 PM    Thursday  21 February  2019 3:00 PM
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Last update 22/02/2019

Smartphone Quiz at The Roundel. Simply impossible to cheat at, but great fun & highly entertaining. Cash prize for 1st, Voucher for 2nd or a bottle of wine for 3rd place.
Very fun style of quizzing, you answer all the questions on your phone (free app) or we can lend you a tablet to play along. No technical knowledge needed at all, very simple and easy to play. Just tap your screen, and you don't need to type out the full answer either.
General knowledge, music, observation rounds (we play a video clip on the TV screens then pick your brain on what you remember). Bonus points for fastest correct answer. A very entertaining style of quizzing, you will love it!
Thursday 8pm at The Roundel, Thornaby :) Please tell your friends and remember to click 'going' on this event page.

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Roundel Thornaby
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Roundel Thornaby
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