The Shoulder: Complex doesn't have to be Complicated (London)

Saturday  27 April  2019  9:00 AM    Sunday  28 April  2019 4:00 PM
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Last update 29/04/2019

This fast and furious two day course is suitable for ALL healthcare professionals who work with people with shoulder pain. It aims to give you the confidence and the evidence that a more simple, straight forward approach is both effective and efficent for many shoulder problems.
The course is designed to cut through the many confusing and conflicting methods and techniques often promoted to help shoulder problems, and instead gives you a simple, adaptable framework for you to assess and manage everyone from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior.
It promises to be an informative, informal, and fun two days with lots of clinically relevant ideas and tips that you can put into practice immediately.
Simplify your assessment and management of the commonly encountered shoulder issues
Expose the myths and misconceptions around shoulder anatomy, biomechanics and pathology
Explore how to best assess and diagnose the common causes of shoulder pain
Examine how to assess shoulder muscle function, proprioception, and the kinetic chain
Practice both basic and advanced shoulder rehab exercise ideas and know how to design and plan an effective rehab program

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