TRE ShAkE uP! with Wellness with Becky

Thursday  24 January  2019  10:30 AM    Thursday  24 January  2019 11:45 AM
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TRE ShAkE uP! with Wellness with Becky
From 22 Jan 2019 to 22 Jan 2019
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Are you ready to Literally shake your tension and stresses away in a grounding and nurturing environment?
Wellness with Becky is now offering TRE Group Shake Ups on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings.
What is TRE?
TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a set of simple exercises that help to re-activate a Natural tremoring mechanism in the body to calm your nervous system down and release deep muscular tension patterns that have built up over the years.
Humans, like other mammals, have a natural ability to shake/tremor after a stressful event is over. Thus, allowing us to quieten down the brain, recuperate, recover and heal from chronic stress, tension and trauma. Through TRE, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance (equilibrium).
TRE® can leave you feeling calmer, improve sleep and help you have an overall feeling of well-being.
As a TRE Provider, Becky will give a short introduction, guide you through the 6 simple exercies and support you during your tremoring once they begin. After your shaking time, there is time for questions and to socialise.
Class Prices: £12 for a single class or you can purchase a 5 Class Shake Up Card for £50 which is valid for 7 weeks.
Maximum of 6 per Group.
What: Twice Weekly TRE Shake Ups
Where: Wellness with Becky Yoga Shala, Horsforth, Leeds
When: Tuesdays at 10am and Thursdays at 6.30pm
What to bring: Wear loose/stretchy pants and bring some water to drink
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Wellness with Becky Yoga Shala, Low Lane, Horsforth.
low lane, horsforth.
Wellness with Becky Yoga Shala, Low Lane, Horsforth.
low lane, horsforth.