The Sensational David Bowie Tribute Band

Saturday  26 October  2019  7:00 PM    7:00 PM
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Last update 12/08/2019

Always puzzling, always weird, sometimes ironic. To serve justice in parody to such an artist and performer would indeed be a major triumph. The fact that ‘The Sensational David Bowie Tribute Band’ appears to do so with unnerving ease seems downright impertinent, perhaps a shade apocryphal. But sample the work of this collection of Bowiephiles and you will be left in no doubt about the power of the sound and the hypnotic quality of the performance.
In terms of vocals, John O’Brien moves easily and majestically between the Newley-esque cockney style cackle of the early era, to the deeper, full-throated more mature tones of the late seventies and early eighties. The man just does it. The man just is it.
With a band of talented and musically sure-footed craftsmen behind him, John soars and swoops like a song, vocally, physically and at times almost metaphysically.
Many may have already seen some of this fine ensemble in previous lives, treading the boards purporting all things Bowie. John has certainly done this before and boy does it show! Practice does in fact make perfect and this is as pretty damn perfect as a David Bowie Tribute gets.
For fans of the work of David Bowie, all that you require to engage with is here, you need only let it in.

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The Venue
Oran Mor Great Western Road Entrance, Glasgow
The Venue
Oran Mor Great Western Road Entrance, Glasgow
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