Seaton Park Tree Planting

Wednesday  20 February  2019  5:00 AM    Wednesday  20 February  2019 8:00 AM
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Last update 21/02/2019

Recurring event

Seaton Park Tree Planting
From 13 Feb 2019 to 16 Mar 2019
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In early November after a series of talks with Aberdeen City Council, the society applied for a community tree pack from the Woodland Trust. Our application has been successful and we are now going to be receiving over 300 tree saplings!
The pack includes:
Mini hawthorn hedge - Hedge rows are of great importance for small mammals including birds, hedgehogs, voles, squirrels etc. to shelter and use for access under protection from predators. Hawthorn can support up to 149 insect species alone!
Seasonal interest trees - This pack includes trees with specific coloured leaves, berries, flowers and stems/shoots. It is important for woodlands to have aspects of aesthetically pleasing seasonal interest for recreational users. By coming up with a planting scheme we can shape how the park can have an array of colour all year round!
Native wildlife trees - This pack was ordered with double the amount of trees as the above. The importance of biodiversity in a woodland is huge; from recreational interest to a well balanced sound ecological state. We want to plant as many trees that offer a difference in habitat for a cascade of critters! These trees will provide food, habitat and materials to birds, insects and other small mammals to live in the park!
The event will run for one month and give members the opportunity to be involved on many levels, from mapping out the planting areas, developing a planting scheme and management plan and a series of talks about the ecological value of the species we will be planting in the park!
Please come along to as many events as you can!
Week 1 - Seaton Park walk with hot drinks (tea, coffee, chocolate!) and site establishment, measuring and mapping.
Week 2 - Talks and discussions about ecological value of tree species, recreational usage of woodlands and the importance of tree maintenance.
Week 3 - 5 & 10 year management plan development with help from Aberdeen City Council and Woodland Trust.
Week 4 - Get out and plant!
Once we have got our plan finalised and have agreed on a plantation scheme, we can have fun all day planting and enjoying the arrival of spring!
Please note: dates and times may change depending on delivery of trees and availability of members. If you would like to be involved then please message us and click 'going'! When we know numbers we can book rooms and organise how we can cater for everyone!
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