Does Science Lead to Atheism?

Thursday  21 February  2019  10:00 AM    Thursday  21 February  2019 11:30 AM
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Last update 22/02/2019

(Diamond LT6. Discover Islam Week!) The use of science to disprove the existence of a Creator has been recently on the rise. However, can the scientific method be used to understand our metaphysical reality? Is science the only yardstick for truth? Does science lead to certainty? Does science have any limitations? Does science lead to atheism? Does science disprove religious claims? Will neuroscience fully explain consciousness?
To answer these questions please join us on Thursday the 21st of February in the Diamond LT06 from 6:00 – 7:30pm, where Hamza Andreas Tzortzis will be delivering a talk titled ‘Does Science lead to Atheism?’
Hamza Tzortzis is the author of The Divine Reality: God, Islam & The Mirage of Atheism. He is a public speaker, instructor and essayist. He has a master’s and a postgraduate certificate in philosophy from the University of London. He is currently continuing his postgraduate studies in the field. Hamza has studied Islamic thought and theology under qualified scholars. He has delivered workshops, courses and an accredited diploma course on topics related to Islamic thought and philosophy. Hamza has debated prominent academics and thinkers on Islam and atheism, his interlocutors have included Professor Lawrence Krauss, Professor Peter Simons, Dan Barker and Professor Simon Blackburn. He has over a decade of experience in articulating a compassionate and rational case for Islam. Hamza converted to Islam in 2002.

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