Run4Life Hengrove WALK to JOG, Zero to 35 Part 1 Wednesday 5th June 2019

Wednesday  5 June  2019  7:30 PM    Wednesday  7 August  2019 8:30 PM
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Last update 13/06/2019

Course registration open!!!

***Please note you only need to register for one course, register for the first course that you would like to attend, ie Walk to Jog and your registration will just roll over onto the Zero to 35 course if you would like to continue.******
Have you ever wanted to be able to run? Does being able to exercise for FREE anytime, anywhere appeal? Does running just seem a bit too hard? Have you struggled to find a group to join due to timing being difficult?

**Run4Life is organising a 4 Week Walk to Jog course and Part 1 (6 weeks) of our Zero to to 35 running course aimed at complete beginners meeting at the tall tables inside Hengrove Leisure Centre

Walk to Jog (4 weeks) for complete beginners:

30 minutes of walking introducing very short jogs helping you to establish a three 30 minutes a week walking routine which will get you ready to start our Zero to 35 Course

**Starts Wednesday 5th June 7.30pm. Running weekly until Wednesday 3rd July 2019.

Zero to 35: starting to run
Try it out with a Taster Session: Is this something that you would like to do but are a bit worried that you can't? Then come and try our Session 1 - a gentle 'Intro' without committing to any more sessions, if you like it you can join us the next week for the rest of the course. ;-)
Week 2 then starts, alternating 60 seconds jogging with walking. Over the 6 weeks we will take you up to being able to run for 8 minutes, then walk for 5 minutes before running another 8 minutes - an amazing achievement and halfway through the whole 12 week course which takes you to running for 35 minutes/ close to 5k!!

**Starts Wednesday 10th July running until Wednesday 7th August.

This course brings together like-minded people to make the journey together over the weeks.

*Sessions start at 7.30pm so time to get back from work or do most of the kids' bedtime routine.

**Age 13 plus, so bring your teenager!!
***You can sign up for the Walk to Jog, the Zero to 35 Taster Session and then transfer onto the course or the whole course - your choice
*****The group meet at Hengrove Leisure centre inside the building by the tall tables opposit reception.
********Each week we provide you with a different exercise to try which will help strengthen key running muscles and help to prevent injury.
What happens?
The sessions last 45 minutes to an hour, we start with a warm-up and some mobilisation to get ready to start the session, which will be a combination of running and walking. As the weeks progress the jog/ run times become longer and the walk times reduce. We end with a cool down and a stretch. Feel free to ask your leader any questions at any time. You will be provided with a running plan, and will need to aim to do 2 more run-walks (homeworks) a week to help you get to your goal. Why not meet up with one of your new running buddies and tackle it together?
If you have a holiday planned, don't worry just take your trainers and the plan and you can do this on holiday and keep up with the group.
You will be given access to our friendly Run4Life Bristol Facebook group - a closed supportive community for all past and present course members. (when the course starts)
So sign up today, and tell your friends. All you need is a pair of trainers!!
This course is being run by Bristol City Council's running initiative Run4Life Bristol and is FREE. The course is funded by Sport England as part of a project to help understand behaviour change towards physical activity. (so this registration form is longer than our usual form! but you will be helping more people to get active in the future by answering the survey.)
Registration information will be kept on a secure database and will be used in a statistical format for monitoring and evaluation purposes only. You may be contacted for feedback to help with course improvement/ our project evaluators. Medical information, name and emergency contact details will be passed onto our Run Leader.
Run4Life Bristol has helped thousands of people to make the journey to running.
Run4Life Bristol is part of Bristol Active City: ,
For enquiries please email:
- please do not message through Eventbrite as not all emails are received.

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