Reinventing HR Summit 2019

Wednesday  4 December  2019  12:37 PM
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Last update 21/01/2019

Reinventing HR Summit 2019 - Time for Mindful Contemplation.

We passionately believe that it is the HR Leaders who have a key role to play in building strong, welcoming communities in a work place, being superlative coaches, brand builders and behavioural change experts.

However, as a senior HR it is often difficult to find time to reflect and refresh our practice, Day to day demands can mean that we just don’t have the chance to spend time with our peers and share our challenges and hopes.  The Reinventing HR Summit is designed to provide a pause when we can think and regroup.

We will be discussing how we are likely to be affected by trends such as changing workforce demographics, the equalities agenda, sustainability and the continuing development of technology.

The event will include a mix of short presentations and discussion and be supplemented by time for personal mindful contemplation. It should best suit senior level, experienced HRs who can benefit from new perspectives on the role.

This is a valuable opportunity to get out the office and air your biggest concerns: the three-day Summit offers masterclasses, workshops and case studies delivered by some of the truly inspirational HR leaders exploring the challenges and the future of the HR from a different angle, very much in tune with uncertain Politics and Economy, while tapping deeper into the neuroscience of human behaviour.

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