Psychology of Behaviour in an Emergency

Wednesday  22 May  2019  6:00 PM    Wednesday  22 May  2019 8:00 PM
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Last update 23/05/2019

Dr Chris Cocking, of the University of Brighton,  will talk about his research on the psychology of behaviour in emergencies & how it relates to possible no Brexit deal scenarios. Human behaviour in emergencies is often misunderstood in popular culture & there is often a deeply held view that people cannot be trusted to behave rationally in emergencies & that they are prone to anti-social behaviour and/or panic. With relation to Brexit, this is often illustrated in fears of possible disorder by Brexiteers if Brexit doesn't happen and/or people 'panic-buying' in response to a no deal Brexit. He will explore both concepts in detail & look at why some aspects of these behaviours could be problematic, it is too simplistic to label them as 'panic' and/or irrational behaviour, and doing so obscures our understanding of how to plan for and manage such behaviour should they happen.

There will also be a buffet and an opportunity for networking.

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