PSA Midlands November - Winning speeches and building ducks

PSA Midlands November - Winning speeches and building ducks
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Tue 12 November 2019
Tuesday 12 November 2019
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Our evening in November focuses on crafting and delivering award-winning speeches. We’ve got the Midlands regional winner of Speaker Factor 2018 Jackie Handy, who will be deconstructing her keynotes and explaining how to craft a talk with impact. And national winner from 2018, Leon Bamforth, will talk us through the steps he took for success. Plus a showcase from Abbie Edmunds.
See you there, Matt – Regional President.
Running order for the night…
6:30pm Doors open and networking
7pm Talks start
9pm Networking and discussion
Building your Duck – Jackie Handy
In her first year with the PSA, Jackie took part in the Speaker Factor competition and also delivered a TEDx talk. In Building your Duck, Jackie will deconstruct her content by taking you through the various ways she crafted her keynotes. From structure to content, fact vs, humour and the tips that helped her create a talk with impact. Jackie highlights the components she believes can take your keynote from good to great. This is a really useful session for new and existing speakers alike. So, whether you are creating a keynote for the first time or looking for tips to hone your existing work this session will engage and entertain.
• Be able to identify the building blocks to successful keynotes
• Tell your story physically as well as verbally
• Create a keynote that you really enjoy delivering
About Jackie

Specialising in Diversity & Inclusion and inclusive leadership, Jackie has seen both sides of the coin. She knows first-hand how exclusion feels, the hurt and anxiety that bullying leads to and what to do to ensure others don’t experience what she did. She engages and encourages leaders to think differently and importantly, to act differently resulting in their own personal fulfilment as well as attracting and retaining a workforce who are truly engaged. With an extensive recruitment career behind her, Jackie now works globally supporting organisations in bringing their D&I strategy to life and breaking down the stereotypical barriers to inclusion in attraction, recruitment, retention and engagement matters.


How to be a winning speaker – Leon Bamforth
As professional speakers we all want to deliver those speeches that will empower and motivate our audiences. Short speeches are no different, except there is no margin for error. There are endless tips and techniques that will improve a speech, but Leon will talk about the mindset and the toolbox that led to his 2018 Speaker Factor win.
• Writing a speech that moves your audience
• Avoiding sabotaging yourself
• Adapting to your audience.
About Leon
Leon is living proof of the power a professional speaker can have. In January 2017 he was bored at work and signed up to a training day on presentation skills, despite knowing (he thought) all there was to know about presenting. Leon quickly found out he knew nothing, as he learnt from a real professional, then PSA president, Lee Jackson. Leon started attending the PSA and was blown away by what he was learning. He focused on winning Speaker Factor as a step to becoming a professional speaker. He won in 2018! Leon’s success story is a story of the power of the PSA.
Find out how to build confidence and reduce stress. – Abbie Edmunds
• Build confidence
• Reduced stress
• Have an alternate perspective for a different outcome
About Abbie

First entering the coaching world at 19, Abbie has trained with some of the top NLP trainers in the world. She has developed her skills working in a range of areas, from academia to sport performance to business start-ups. Abbie continues to pursue her passion for coaching, now focusing her expertise working with women to increase their confidence and happiness personally and professionally.

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