Pregnancy Yoga 6 Week Block 4th of Jan to 8th of Feb 2017

Wednesday  4 January  2017  7:15 PM    Wednesday  4 January  2017 8:30 PM
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Last update 05/01/2017


Six Week Block 4.1.17- 8.2.17
Suitable from 14weeks onwards

First 6 week introductory block: £35
Normal 6 week block: £45

Wednesday Evenings 7.15pm-8.30pm
At The Wellness Room
21C The Courtyard,
Dundrum Road,

Pre-booking is essential as space is limited. To book, please contact Martine on FB (yogawithmartine or aspire,thewellnessroom), email: or 07742350297.

Benefits of practising Antenatal Yoga for Pregnancy
*Relieves stress, anxiety and tension
* Keeps the body strong and supple without straining
(Especially in joints and muscles, without force or strain of any kind by using supports and breathing techniques)
* Boosts energy levels
* Promotes restful sleep
* Can help the mother to bond with her unborn baby through breathing and visualisation techniques
* Meet other mums-to-be with whom you can share this experience of being pregnant and becoming mothers
* Aids better posture
* Helps to work and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
* Can help relieve or prevent common minor ailments during pregnancy (e.g. back pain, heartburn, constipation, sciatica etc.)
* Can be used to relieve pain in labour and childbirth
* Assist with better awareness, knowledge and understanding of medical induction and interventions
* Better knowledge of birthing positions for the various stages for all birthing preferences
* spinningbabies trained- can help assist with optimal foetal positioning for birthing
* rebozo trained- learn rebozo techniques to use during birthing

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Aspire Face & Body Clinic
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Aspire Face & Body Clinic
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