Postnatal Pilates & Core Recovery Course

Wednesday  20 February  2019  2:45 AM    Wednesday  20 February  2019 3:45 AM
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Recurring event

Postnatal Pilates & Core Recovery Course
From 13 Feb 2019 to 20 Mar 2019
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This six week Postnatal Pilates & Restore Your Core Fitness course running from the 13th February - 20th March is led by qualified postnatal pilates instructor Sandra Newson and is specifically designed to target the needs of the postnatal body.
Sandra will progress you through a rehabilitation programme for your core. She will provide education on the importance of your breath to aid activation of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, and help you become in tune with your posture and how it may have altered since being pregnant and delivering your baby. The exercises progress in complexity and difficulty, gradually incorporating appropriate loading with the use of resistance bands and gentle impact. So be prepared to get a little warm!
Weekly information sheets are also provided covering women's health postnatal topics such as techniques to aid pelvic floor and abdominal muscle recruitment and scar tissue massage. These have been written by Women's Health Physiotherapist Jenna Sweeney who will currently be taking maternity leave over the duration of the course, but can be available to provide over email or telephone support.
The class is appropriate from six weeks postnatal and babies (pre crawling) are welcome. At The Powder Room we recognise the difficulty of week after week getting childcare or being away from your baby so she has designed the class that babies can attend so that you can get that 'me time' which every new mum is lacking. This class is designed for you so bring along anything to keep little one entertained, such as blankets and toys!
There are two optional course class times to sign up to of 10.45-11.45am or 12-1pm. The course costs £56.
To book a place please use the following link:
For more information on to the course please contact Jenna on 07734455184 or email, or visit

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