The Planet Mark Start ; Why Sustainability Makes Perfect Business Sense.

Monday  17 December  2018  1:00 PM    Monday  17 December  2018 4:00 PM
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Last update 18/12/2018

Sustainability makes perfect business sense having positive social, environmental and economic impacts, making businesses more resilient and profitable whilst all the while making them better for people and the planet.  

Within this session we will explore the business case for developing a sustainability plan and the tangible benefits of doing so including; resilience, strong brand development, positive social and environmental impacts and profitability.

What We Will Cover;

  • What is sustainability
  • The Business Benefits of Sustainability
  • Developing a Sustainability Plan Within Your Organisation
  • Marketing Sustainability
  • Future Opportunities


  • 13.00pm - 13.30pm - Networking and tea/coffee
  • 13.30pm - 15.30pm - Workshop
  • 15.30pm - 16.00pm - Close and networking

Please be advised that while the workshop is free of charge, we will ask you to fill in a registration form and session feedback form. The Planet Mark Start is a fully funded program set up to support entrepreneurs and these bits of paperwork enable us to track our progress, measure our impact and continue providing you free services.

This programme is fully funded by ERDF to eligible businesses. For further details please visit - 

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