Philip Glass: Solo Piano + screening

Sunday  9 June  2019  7:00 PM    Sunday  9 June  2019 11:00 PM
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Last update 18/05/2019

Philip Glass solo Piano (1989)
Perofrmed by concert pianist Boram Choi
By the time Philip Glass released Solo Piano in 1989, he was probably the most famous composer alive. Solo Piano represented Glass at his most ruminative and stripped-down—beginning-of-the-morning music, or end-of-the-night. It ambles, digresses and—as Glass does—repeats. At times it almost seems to pour out of him like thought, or conversation. Where his ensemble pieces had a seamless, ecstatic quality, Solo Piano sounds mostly like what it is: A man alone at the piano.
But there is an elegance here that is hard to achieve and harder to replicate.
The performance will be followed by a screening of the Glass scored Koyaanisqatsi (1983)
This first work of The Qatsi Trilogy wordlessly surveys the rapidly changing environments of the Northern Hemisphere, in an astonishing collage created by the director, cinematographer Ron Fricke, and composer Philip Glass. It shuttles viewers from one jaw-dropping vision to the next, moving from images of untouched nature to others depicting human beings’ increasing dependence on technology Koyaanisqatsi’s heterodox methods including hypnotic time-lapse photography.
Note: Out of respect for the performer and audience no admission once the performance has begun.

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