Party Like It’s your B’day

Saturday  27 January  2018  8:30 PM    Sunday  28 January  2018 2:00 AM
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Last update 29/01/2018

Jan’s been long! Ditch that Detox..break those resolutions.. Pay day has arrived and on Sat 27th Jan we’re throwing The Ultimate 90s Party and you are all invited!

Just imagine all your fave childhood b'day parties, terrible outfits, stupid games, sausages on sticks, all your fave guilty pleasures + 90s smash hitz.... And get ready to regress… we’re gonna party like it’s 1995!

Join the conga line for a tasteless, tacky celebration, whether it’s yo b’day or not! We'll supply the party hats + you get stuck in! Get ready to party like your teenage self!

If you’ve been pining for a 90s comeback...longing to limbo to the sweet grooves of Ace of Base ‘n’ eat jelly until you puke then this is the night for you!

Celebrating something? We’ve done all the hard work for you! B’day Boys ‘n’ Girls get in Free (and you get a party bag yeah!) Want cheapo list for your mates? Course you do - get in touch on and we’ll sort you out!

Arrive early doors for some stupid party games! Get tangled in Twister! See how low you can go in the Limbo! Battle it out for victory in Musical Chairs! Win big in Pass The Parcel! The games start at 10pm! Don't miss out

Mum's been to Iceland and laid on a spread! Get your mitts on some treats from the... Free Buffet! There's a cheese and pineapple hedgehog! There's sausages on sticks. There's party rings. There's jam rings. There's onion rings. It's a blast from your dirty youth club past!

DJ Safari Phil will be 'boom shakin' the room' with a mixtape of all your fave smash hitz! Dance ‘til you puke! Think: 90s chart, pop, dance and guilty pleasures! Now that's what I call music!

Expect to hear: 2 unlimited, Republica, Spice Girls, East 17, Ace of Base, Blur, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Sash, Pulp, The Vengaboys, MC Hammer, Shaggy, Sweet Female Attitude, Oxide and Neutrino, Snap, Salt'n'Pepper, Haddaway, R.Kelly, Backstreet Boys, Take That, Rednex, Five, Artful Dodger.

You will do the macarena - don’t fight it!

Dress up to mess up + wear your worst! Dig out your 90s b'day best... Think Saved By The Bell Realness, LA Gear + Hammer pants, dungarees + Kangol hats, Fresh Princes in propeller caps, crop tops + snap pants, scrunchies + swatch watches, mood rings, tie-dye and temp tatts!


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