Formerly The Security Training School, we are providers of relevant, effective and high-standard training for the workplace.
Meet the best team in the training industry:
We are convinced that The British Training Academy team consists of one of the finest collections of people in the world. From managers to trainers and administrative staff, every employee is dedicated to providing the best customer experience and ensuring that all of our learners and clients get the very best out of their time with us.

Our talented team includes people from many walks of life, from exceptional teachers to staff with diverse backgrounds as chefs, soldiers, circus performers and forensic scientists. By employing such a range of experienced and knowledgeable individuals we are able to ensure we have the right people for every project.

Where we have come from:
The British Training Academy was formed in 2008 as The Security Training School by Lord Wayne Grove. His drive, vision and unbending commitment to ‘real life’ training has seen the company swiftly rise to be recognised as one of the leading training providers in the UK. Our ruthless pursuit of the very best and experienced industry personnel has seen the profile of the company rocket, leading to many national and international opportunities, as well as partnerships with other industry leaders.

Why we love what we do:
The responsibility of influencing and shaping careers, work forces and individuals through training is not a task we take lightly but one we rise to with enthusiasm and determination. Every one of our trainers can identify key people in their lives who have encouraged, inspired and led them to be where they are today, and being able to join the ranks of those highly regarded and knowledgeable people is both an honour and a privilege. Every one of our staff has a passion for seeing people develop and grow, ever pushing their potential and their knowledge so that we might ultimately see people empowered and trained to better themselves and their workplaces.