Taylor Made In Manchester,one of Manchesters independant rock n roll labels working with bands on releases,shows for bands,stalls at shows and a whole lot more.
We have for many years put on Not for Profit shows in Manchester and beyond, like most independant labels sometimes out of our own pockets but if its something you love doing, you do what it takes and on the odd occasion we have made a small amount of money, it has gone into the next show or two. Always have and always will maintain that Not for Profit attitude regards shows.
We have also now for many years released a whole host of releases, again Not for Profit but run along the lines where money taken for releases after costs is put towards the next release which has enabled us the longevity we currently enjoy.....again we have put our hands in our own pockets frequently but again if its what you enjoy its what you do.
Over the years and to the present day we have tried to ensure we have brought smiles to peoples faces on a stage or on a release, sometimes we get things wrong but we don't dwell on them, we learn and move onto the next show/ those people we have (and no doubt will again as we are only human) apologise privately rather than publicly as life is far too short for drawn out dramas that suck the life out of everybodys soul.
We have some fantastic people we have worked with from around the world and made friendships that will last a lifetime, that alone is beyond value.
Likewise we have some fantastic people that continually attend our shows and purchase our releases and again that means the world to us and the bands we work with.
You can always find our shows online and likewise you can always see online where we will be when not at our shows, always feel free to come and say hello to us and we will always endeavour to make time for you and answer any queries you have regards the label and what we do.
The STP mob.
Stu, Sam, Babs, Loz.