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York, United Kingdom

Gong Sound Baths & Relaxation, Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, Sound Workshops. See long description for more details. I am a musician, so sound and music have always been a big part of my life. As soon as I experienced my first ‘Sound Bath’, I knew that I had found my path! The Sound Bath experience was a revelation! Being an ‘Air Element’ with a busy mind, the use of sound allowed me to quickly enter a peaceful and calm meditative state. I also found the Gong to be relaxing and energising. I came out of that first sound bath feeling totally rejuvenated! I now use sound to share this experience with others. I love hosting the group sessions and believe that coming together to share a sound experience can be an empowering, bonding, enriching and spiritual experience. I tailor each Sound Bath to the requirements of the group. Using Himalayan Singing Bowls & Crystal Singing Bowls for a more divine and spiritual sound bath. Introducing the Gong when required to provide deep relaxation and grounding, whilst at the same time being powerfully energising. As well as Relaxation Sound Baths, I run Therapeutic Sound Baths where participants come to work on transcending a blockage in their lives. Be it a physical condition, an emotion, a limiting belief or pattern in their lives. I use reflection techniques and my coaching skills to guide clients during this process. Phone me for a chat about Sound Sessions on 07804 088663.

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