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SeatSurfer is a fast growing fan to fan ticket exchange site allowing you to buy and sell concert tickets in the UK

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It's time to out the tout once and for all!

We understand what it feels like to log onto your computer at 9am, hitting that refresh button at a thousand times a minute, only for those dreaded words...'SOLD OUT'

Ever wondered how tickets sell out Every Time within minutes of them going on sale?

Well you only have to visit sites like Viagogo, Stubhub and Seatwave to find out exactly where they go.

Just like you, at their computers, there are thousands of touts, buying up thousands of tickets every day. Touts are not fans, touts want your money to line their pockets!

For years fans have had to pay 2,3,4 times the face value price to see their favourite artists, but now we are standing up for you! is a site where fans can trade with each other safely and fairly. No more extortionate prices. We put price caps on tickets to protect fans from touts, letting SeatSurfer be a friendly, fan to fan exchange site. But that's not all...

You can list your spare tickets totally free, not paying a penny even after you sell them, and you know your tickets are going to another fan...

Don't let this be a secret, make sure real music fans across the UK know about SeatSurfer, and make sure they take a stand against touts, together we can beat them!

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