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We work with global influencers to empower them to activate their authentic self and navigate the emotional-physical shift we are being called to make.
The RozyGlow facebook page will have lots of information on how to move from fear to LOVE in our prespective and make the journey from surviving to THRIVING. Check out the Rozy Coloured glasses short vlogs that help to shift your mindset for the week and give you a focus to help you through the challenges. Look out also for super info on (often yoga based) workshops and digital download products that Rosanna, founder of RozyGlow is involved with...from fertility, to releasing fear, to tantra, to ceremonial CACAO and its wondrous properties. All this and more, Rosanna loves to harp on about! And you will also find a different spin on contentious issues that affect our world....a paradigm shift in perspective on issues that folk around the world love to argue about but rarely consider on a causal level.....expect more questions than answers, but also the tools to help you to feel safe to open your eyes more and empower YOURSELF and each other as a global community :-)