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Perceptions Warehouse is a fresh look at how to support artists holistically, and the work they make. Our goal is to provide a safe space for creation, interaction, support, and artistic debate.  ​ Our company is based on three aims: ​ 1. We believe all individuals have something unique and precious to teach and give to others, and by presenting them with the right platform, we hope to provide the blocks for them to build a solid foundation. Through workshops and holistic classes we wish to support the artist's minds and bodies, in order to further support their work. ​ 2. We see creation as the great tree of self expression. Roots need to dig deep into the psyche, as the branches reach up into the sky towards greater connection. We value the creative process more than the result or product, and thats why we choose to explore it. ​ 3. As we all mature, life and its uncertainties can affect our artistic confidence. The future can be daunting when looked at it in solitude. We therefore strive to create a sound and strong community of artists who can support each other in the sometimes tumultuous and unclear profession.

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