At the London Institute of Photography, you’ll learn how to take stunningly creative photographs in your own signature style. LIoP offers courses to suit all levels, from complete beginner to aspiring professional taught by award-winning photographers.
The London Institute of Photography was founded by award-winning advertising photographer Holger Pooten in London’s dynamic Shoreditch district.

At LIoP we look to nurture the creative talent of each and every student, a talent built on sound technical skills. Our courses look to take you to a professional level in the shortest possible time.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and from around the world; they are united by an aspiration to take better, more creative photos.

As well as the Professional Photography Course, we offer 12 Individual Courses. We also offer Taster Workshops, covering 4 key areas of photography.

LIoP is about helping our community of photographers explore and evolve their photography during and after their course. As revered US landscape photographer Ansel Adams said: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” And to ’make’ a photograph, the learning never stops.