Lime Bar Cafe
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Lime Bar Cafe

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Lime Bar Cafe
46 Tontine Street, Folkestone, United Kingdom

LiME Bar Cafe is your home from home for LiMING...From Jan 18 We Have developed in L.I.M.E. : Live Independent Music Events See web site for details Biggest Little Music Venue With World Wide Reach! Lime Bar Cafe is a favourite cafe bar music venue in Folkestone. Affectionately known as your local "third place" between home and work, What a small venue like Lime Bar Cafe does is quite simple but quite magical: in offering a dedicated space for music it allows local bands to hone and question their sound, it permits audiences to hear touring acts they already love or that could radically change their perceptions, and it grants a community a place where they can congregate, where music can bind them. It is a home for exploration, passion, rebellion, hope, solace, bewilderment and joy. So what are you waiting for? Join us at Lime Bar Cafe, Tontine Street, Folkestone and have a liming time!

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