Events created - 2015
Sunday 01 What's On
Wednesday 01 What's On
Tuesday 14 Yoga Tuesday
Thursday 16 Ladies Keep Fit
Friday 17 Yoga Friday
Saturday 18 Barn Dance
Sunday 19 Stamp Fair
Tuesday 21 Yoga Tuesday
Thursday 23 Pilates Class
Friday 24 Yoga Friday
Monday 27 The ATC
Thursday 30 Pilates Class
Friday 01 What's On
Thursday 07 Pilates Class
Monday 11 The ATC
Thursday 14 Ladies Keep Fit
Thursday 14 Pilates Class
Sunday 17 Stamp Fair
Monday 18 The ATC
Thursday 21 Ladies Keep Fit
Thursday 21 Pilates Class
Thursday 28 Ladies Keep Fit
Monday 01 What's On
Monday 01 The ATC
Thursday 04 Ladies Keep Fit
Monday 08 The ATC
Thursday 11 Pilates Class
Thursday 11 Ladies Keep Fit
Monday 15 The ATC
Thursday 18 Pilates Class
Sunday 21 Stamp Fair
Monday 22 The ATC
Thursday 25 Pilates Class
Monday 29 The ATC
Wednesday 01 What's On
Thursday 02 Pilates Class
Saturday 04 Coal Aston Gala
Thursday 09 Pilates Class
Thursday 16 Pilates Class
Sunday 19 Stamp Fair
Tuesday 21 Yoga Tuesday
Thursday 23 Pilates Class
Thursday 23 Pilates Class
Thursday 23 Ladies Keep Fit
Friday 24 Yoga Friday
Tuesday 28 Yoga Tuesday
Thursday 30 Ladies Keep Fit
Friday 31 Yoga Friday
Monday 03 The ATC
Tuesday 04 Yoga Tuesday
Thursday 06 Ladies Keep Fit
Friday 07 Yoga Friday
Monday 10 The ATC
Tuesday 11 Yoga Tuesday
Thursday 13 Ladies Keep Fit
Friday 14 Yoga Friday
Sunday 16 Stamp Fair
Monday 17 The ATC
Tuesday 18 Yoga Tuesday
Thursday 20 Ladies Keep Fit
Friday 21 Yoga Friday
Monday 24 The ATC
Tuesday 25 Yoga Tuesday
Thursday 27 Ladies Keep Fit
Friday 28 Yoga Friday
Friday 28 Yoga Friday
Tuesday 01 Yoga Tuesday
Thursday 03 Ladies Keep Fit
Friday 04 Yoga Friday
Sunday 20 Stamp Fair
Thursday 24 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 01 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 08 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 15 Pilates Thursday
Saturday 17 Elbow Jane
Sunday 18 Stamp Fair
Thursday 22 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 29 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 05 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 05 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 12 Pilates Thursday
Sunday 15 Stamp Fair
Thursday 19 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 19 Ladies Keep Fit
Thursday 26 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 26 Ladies Keep Fit
Thursday 03 Pilates Thursday
Saturday 05 The Hootenanny
Thursday 10 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 17 Pilates Thursday
Thursday 17 Ladies Keep Fit
Sunday 20 Stamp Fair

We are a Charity in a modern building with parking - providing space for Community activities run by clubs, groups, individuals and business.
Coal Aston Village Hall is a
‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’
in a modern building with significant free car parking available.

We host a wide range of public and private activities run for the local community by clubs, groups and individuals.

The regular activities currently on offer include:
Ladies Keep Fit; Learning Spanish; St John's Marching Band; Cheer Leading; Dance Fitness; Short Mat Bowling and the Women's Institute.

In addition the hall contains a great concert space for which proper PA and lighting can be provided.

There are regular concerts organised throughout the year hosted by Coal Aston Live, Live and Local and individual artists and their management.

The hall is also a popular venue for Stamp Fairs, Antique Valuation days and Celebrations including Children's parties, Significant Birthdays and other Family Events.

For businesses there are two separate meeting rooms available that will accommodate up to 40 persons seated - usual meeting room facilities are available or can be provided including WiFi, Computer and/or Slide Projectors with a display screen and B&W or Colour Photocopying equipment.

In addition the halls links allow food and drinks packages to be organised to suit any type of meeting, or, by making use of the hall's kitchen facility - you can bring your own.

Full contact details, hire rates and facilities available can be found on our web site.