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Carlisle & Cumbria's Premier Taekwondo & Fitness Centre Taekwon-Do for adults We offer the following programs for adults (male and female, aged 16 and over): Adult Taekwondo Training The art of Taekwon-Do; consisting of traditional procedures and training methods. Emphasising both physical and mental development and character building through the use of fundamental movements, patterns and pre-arranged sparring procedures. You will also learn about the history and philosophy behind Taekwon-Do. Fitness Taekwondo is designed for people who want to learn how to defend themselves; become fitter and more flexible. Compared to other sporting activities Tae Kwon Do wins hands down. You benefit in so many different ways: Fitness — Taekwon-Do consists of both aerobic and anaerobic routines; Muscle tone - Tae Kwon Do exercises virtually every muscle in the body; Flexibility - Due to the many and varied kicks in Tae Kwon Do, flexibility plays a major role, but take heart, whatever your level of flexibility now, it will definitely improve -gradually but surely. The Art For some people, fighting and competition is the last thing on their minds. They prefer the art, philosophy and history of Tae Kwon Do, and as the ingredients of Tae Kwon Do dates back centuries, there is certainly no shortage of this. Taekwon-Do for children We take children from the age of 3 to 15. They are grouped as Li'l Dragons for ages 3-5, juniors for ages 6-11 and cadets for ages 12-15. At the age of 16 they are merged into the adult class. What price do you put on a child's development? We believe the wish of every parent is for their children to grow up healthy, happy, respectful and confident enough to stand on their own two feet; coping with whatever life throws their way. TAE KWON-DO is arguably one of the best ways of achieving this. Confidence As your child's technical ability improves so will their confidence. They will learn the secret of perseverance. They will learn that things they first thought difficult or impossible are within their grasp. As this realisation slowly but surely takes place and as their ability to defend themselves increases, so too will their confidence. This in turn has a knock on effect in their everyday life. Our philosophy on teaching is simple - if a child comes to train with us with limited confidence, placing them under pressure in the early stages will not improve their confidence, but may well destroy what little confidence they already have! An example of the benefits of Taekwondo is in one of our children's End of Year Local Nursery Report: "Since joining nursery Ryan has blossomed into a lovely, sociable, caring, confident little boy. He plays well both independently and with others. He has a strong circle of friends. I am sure that the growth in Ryan's confidence is largely due to him attending taekwondo. Where as before he would be anxious if there was a change in routine / a new person came into nursery. This no longer is the case and he now usually is the first in line to introduce himself, which is lovely to see! he now has a positive approach to new experiences and a high level of involvement in activities." July 2010 Respect and Courtesy Nobody likes disrespectful or rude children (or adults for that matter!) We all want our children to fit in with society and lead a happy, successful life. If they are rude or disrespectful to people they will be disliked. If they are disliked it makes it difficult to fit in anywhere. The end result is these individuals could end up unsuccessful and very unhappy, without even realising why. Here at Carlisle Taekwon-Do School we reinforce the importance of respect and courtesy. We believe that children should view respect and courtesy as strength, not as weakness; and have the strength, technique and confidence to back this up. This will not happen overnight, it is introduced gradually, step-by-step, just like the Taekwon-Do movements. In fact, they hardly know it is happening because they are too busy enjoying themselves! Carlisle Taekwon-Do School is Cumbria's premier Taekwondo School and full time centre, professionally run by Master Fraser Cruickshank - 5th Dan and a small team of his hand picked fully qualified Instructors. A Part of the Taekwondo Schools UK group and a member of the APTI, the school offers a great variety of seminars and training camps both from within the APTI as well as other organisations. The schools main training studio is kitted out with specialist martial arts floor matting which is certified by the Worlds Martial Arts Federation, a fully air-conditioned training studio, safety mirrors for correcting technique; kick bags; kick shields and hand pads for developing power, technique and focus; wall bars for dynamic stretching and stretching machines for aided workouts. Pull up bars and various weight training equipment for member's use in classes . The school is also fitted with Live 'Myzone' display monitors which track and show students effort in their workouts, helping you get the most out of your sessions! We also have our own Fitness on Demand system with over 200 virtual classes for both fitness and Taekwondo training which can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week! So there's now no excuse if you have to work late and miss the class you can come anytime and any day which suits you 24 hours a day! Members have use of their own dedicated changing rooms, showering facilities and lockers for storage as well as chilled water fountains and cold drinks machines. Why not have a fresh Alterra coffee or other hot drink while you wait in our members waiting area before you train or while waiting for your child to have their class. Safety The training atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and safe. You will NOT be placed under pressure as a beginner, the pace is gradual. It will increase as you progress and become more confident but we work up to that level together step by step. Our philosophy on teaching is simple - if a student comes to train with us with limited confidence, placing them under pressure in the early stages will not improve their confidence, but may well destroy what little confidence they already had! It is worth noting that all instructors are HSE First Aid qualified and DBS (police) checked. You are in safe hands! The school is a member of the APTI (The Association of Professional Taekwondo Instructors). Through Master Ferguson's (Chief Instructor of the A.P.T.I.) successful career in Taekwon-Do he has loyal friendships/links with some of the UK's most successful Taekwon-Do practitioners and as a result the school offers a good variety of seminars.