The official facebook page for BOLLYWOOD SEDUCTION - the UKs longest and most successful Asian CLUB night ever!

This page discusses Asian Club Culture, Desi Lifestyle and Desi Music!
September 2017 will mark the 15th birthday of this amazing night! Yes thats right at the time of writing this amazing night has been running for, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 10-11-12-13-14, almost 15 years!

You can view some of the flyers out on this site.

Each flyer tells a story over the evolution of the night, which was originally on a Monday Night, then Thursday before moving to Wednesdays where it has been now for almost 12 years.

Over the years, as music has changes and evolved so has the club night. The DJ style and the crowd has become slicker.

When we first kicked off back in 2k2, Bhangra beats were being fused with Garage and Garage MCs were hot property.

Fastforward through to 2007- the garage phase is over and Hindi starts to rival Bhangra as a dance form. Back in 2002 it was rare to play Hindi film songs and clubbers weren't feeling it.

In 2009 about the Indian Dance tunes- Himesh, Partner, Honeymoon Travels (is that Indian Niche?!) and refixes of Indian classics like Don.

In 2011 stars like Imran Khan, H Dhami and Punjabi By Nature dominated the Desi music scene.

In 2013 the biggest stars were Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Bollywood) and the Desi new word in the biggest tracks is HURRRR!!

2015 was all about YO YO Honey Singh, whilst Manj Musik (formally RDB), Sahara and the Rishi Rich project made comebacks.
Mainstream was all about Major Lazer, OMI, Chris Brown...

2017 Zack Knight, Diljit Dosanjh, Sharry Mann, Sean Paul, Justin Bieber, Drake, Beyonce are the current big names

Resident DJ Ravi Apnabeat and other previous long term residents have become big local stars in their own right - google their names - enough said!

You can be assured that the resident DJs and promoters will continue to work hard to ensure that "Seduction" retains its vitality, vibrancy and fresh kicking edge which continues to keep it as the biggest, friendliest and most longest running Asian night in the UK...and probably the world!!

Admission is currently FREE b4 11pm £5 after
Watch out for different drinks promotions every week and BOLLYWOOD visuals on the plasmascreens!