The Maternity Service at Ashford & St Peter's Hospital knows that every woman, baby and family is unique and will have different needs depending on their own circumstances. We want to work in partnership to help every woman achieve the experience that is right for them. 
The care we give you follows "best practice" and is research based. We are continuously auditing our care and revising our working practices in the light of new evidence and the national service framework for maternity services.
Everyone on our team is committed to treat people with kindness, understanding and dignity and will respect the privacy, religious and cultural beliefs of families. We do our best to be very clear in our communication between healthcare professionals, women and their family members to help you feel like you are actively involved in decision making in your overall care. Interpreting services will be provided for women where English is not their first language.
Our key aim is to support you to have the best possible birth experience and to help ensure that you have a healthy baby.
Please email any Antenatal Education or Eventbrite queries to:​