The Vanguard Centre is the venue for the Academy of Historical Arts. We offer HEMA sword fighting, archery & blacksmithing classes in the centre of Glasgow
The Vanguard Centre is a converted railway arch in the city centre of Glasgow. Just south of the Clyde, within 10 minutes walking distance of Central Station, We are well-situated and easy to reach. Our attendance fees are very competitive, and we have an onsite shop where you can see, handle, and try on gear before making any commitments to purchase anything.

We have our own indoor archery range, letting us offer archery in Glasgow city centre. We also teach various forms of medieval and renaissance sword fighting, as part of the British historical fencing community. Our instructors are experienced and well-recognised across the UK, and even further abroad.

We also run courses demonstrating various forms of traditional crafting, including blacksmithing - we have our own forge, so we can teach this ancient skill.

Wouldn't it be cool to arrange a stag party for a friend, spending an afternoon learning how to fight with swords?

Look at our website and find out more about our activities and lesson schedules here!

The Vanguard Centre is located at:
63 Commerce Street
Glasgow, G5 8AD

Anyone over the age of 18 may participate in any of our activities. We welcome both men and women, and tend to have people from many different nationalities and backgrounds.