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#onevoicenofear if you are following the flashmob call we are going to Waterloo station 12-4 Meeting stairs leading to Waterloo East station
Sandell street SE1 next to pub Auberge. Bring wooly hat (outear if possible) earphones, mobile and warm clothes.

What to bring and wear?
A wooly hat
Headphones on top
Your mobile phone
Colourful long sleeve T shirt

What is your story? You are not alone.

This issue is no longer a private matter, it is a social epidemic. Join others and experience togetherness and a humming choir vocal improvisation.

#publicrenting is a Housing Justice and Public Health campaign aiming to achieve compulsory Quality Living Standards for all London renters. Why are we paying high rents for unsuitable places?

Are you ...

a poet
a musician ( brass,a double bass, cajon)
a videographer
a photographer
a sound recordist?

Get in touch as soon as possible

music photography
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London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom