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Thursday  24 January  2019  7:30 PM    Thursday  24 January  2019 9:30 PM
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Join Jenny and myself for an informative and laid back evening of Oily delights!
These oils have become an integral and effective part of my families wellbeing. We have had some profound benefits from the oils in our lives, from immune support, asthma, ADHD and allergies to stress and anxiety relief, (to name but a few)
Whether you need digestive support, respiratory support, sleep support, help with pain management, or emotional, mental or physical support - there is an oil for you. Come and experience a nourishing evening of raw infused chocolates, nibbles and water infused with oils with us for our a heartfelt sharing of our doTERRA knowledge and experience.
These Essential Oils are ethically sourced, unique in their integrity, potency, purity and they are effective. You can smell the difference the moment you take the lid off the bottle - they are vibrant and alive and full of energy. These oils are therapeutic grade, CPTG tested, you can take them internally, should you want to, diluted topically and traditionally with aromatic use, they are from strong healthy plants grown by empowered farmers, changing families lives drop by drop all over the world. They are safe, effective and affordable.
During the class we will explain how and why they work and the wonderful co-impact farming work they do world wide and in developing economies.

You will learn what an essential Oil is
Why doTERRA’s Essential Oils are unique
Why and how they work in our bodies
How to use the oils safely
Ethics of the company
Uses and benefits of our most popular oils
See you there! ♥
Georgie and Jenny

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