Mind ReMapping (The Imaginations Mirror of Perception) Skype Chat (LDS)

Mind ReMapping (The Imaginations Mirror of Perception) Skype Chat (LDS)
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Fri 11 October 2019
Friday 11 October 2019
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

                                                                       Mind ReMapping

                                                  I M A G I N A T I O N - The Mirror of Perception 


Close your eyes and look into the deepest parts of your Imagination and search for all your Dreams and Aspirations.
Can you See them?
Can you Feel them?
Can you Sense them?
Can you place yourself within your Dreams and Aspirations as your Reality?
Or do you only sense them as distant Daydreams?
That sense you feel is your Self Awareness!!! that tell us if those Dreams & Aspirations are within our grasp.
And the thinking that sees them as only Daydreams are your Beliefs.
Self Awareness constructs our beliefs, which is self-understanding we feel as Emotions, towards any given situation.
Emotions we label as concepts that are an approximation of those sensations we feel.
Emotions are beyond the concepts of words, which makes up the depth of our spherical sense.
Spherical sense is the encompassment of our whole being, we use towards an objective, that our thinking is ONE aspect of.
Our dreams and aspirations are a whole body experience of sensations that we draw our knowledge from. That if we only use our aspect of thinking alone to achieve them, means we are ignoring other vital elements of understanding that narrows our window of perception.
The mind is the analysis tool of spherical sense that our thinking assigns strategies to, once self-awareness is established for an objective, that we call our Beliefs.
But how many of us have beliefs that are not cultured from spherical sense, but are beliefs cultured by external influences?
Those beliefs are not your own, but the perception of others, that we take as our beliefs, with no spherical sense to verify it.
The mind alone is not awareness! but our bodies are.
Where there is no Awareness, there is no Understanding.
Where there is no Understanding there are Limited Beliefs.
Where there are Limited Beliefs, there are only DayDreams!
Therefore if we have no awareness of our Dreams and Aspirations then our beliefs will have no understanding of how to achieve them...
Extending this workshop to be delivered in-house to the Public & Private sector on this topic that is covered in detail in my book below that is available for download. Please follow the links below to download a copy.


Please also use this page to register an interest in future face to face workshops that are yet to be confirmed.

You can make enquires on this site or by email @ mindremapping@gmail.com


Click these links Mind ReMapping Kindle  or Mind ReMapping Paperback to see this book.

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Thank you.


Mind ReMapping.


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