Midweek Mayhem

Tuesday  23 April  2019  7:30 PM    Tuesday  23 April  2019 11:00 PM
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Last update 24/04/2019

Three top bands, free entry to a great city centre venue. There's no catch - new music encompassing punk/alternative/glam/pop. Doors 7.00pm curfew 11pm
A three piece punk band from Dundee. They are currently on tour and release their long awaited EP 'Sober On Sunday' days before this event. They have achieved a loyal following in a relatively short space of time and are firm favourites with both young and 'old' punks, and those in between their live shows are a joy. Delinquents are appearing at Rebellion in 2019 and this will be a rare chance to see them live in 2019.
Nottingham based Diablofurs are a brilliantly innovative, catchy as hell, I dare you to pigeon-hole them band. Their songs are immediately catchy, clever and have you singing long in no time. Another great addition to Rebellion this year and also the London Undercover Festival. Don't miss the chance to get your dancing shoes on, your tonsils oiled and have a great time with this mesmerising band.
100000 Bodybags
100,000 BodyBags are a punk / melodic hardcore band with a mix of other influences. Blackwood-based, they were formed by the lead singer from Funeral in Berlin and are well-known amongst Manic Street Preacher fans as the early rivals. The 100,000 BodyBags have played nationwide and had several singles and an 11-track compilation CD released by various labels. The BodyBags write about everyday anxiety. Politics is never far beneath the surface.
From Punkmonger 'I cannot wait to see these guys again, another great live act that will have you dancing and singing along in no time. Did the Manics really support these guys in the early days? Come along and find out... you won't be disappointed.'

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