Metatronia Animal Healing Practitioner Training Webinar

Saturday  13 April  2019  8:00 PM    Saturday  13 April  2019 9:30 PM
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Last update 14/04/2019

This global webinar is open to all those who wish to work, or already work in the field of Animal Healing.  The energy we will be using is the Light of the One Source (Metatronia). The Webinar will include healing guidance and instruction/techniques using Source light energy to support Animal healing through vibrational alignment. There will also be a light attunement for Attendees. The energy can be used for all pets, wildlife, even situations involving the Animal Kingdom. We will explore aspects such as distance and hands-on practice, hand positions, communication, Behaviour and more. As we are supporting the animals we are aiding Mother Earth. We are bringing the light where it is needed most. This is the Lightworkers guide to assisting the Animal Kingdom through Source light intervention. A certificate will be issued after the training. Webinars are recorded if you are unable to make the live event. Webinar registration details and link will be shared nearer the time. 

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