Manchester - Kangen Water and Enagic Business Opportunity Presentation

Wednesday  17 April  2019  7:30 PM    Wednesday  17 April  2019 9:30 PM
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When I Met Mr Hironari Ohshiro, the CEO and founder of Enagic, I was so impressed to hear his philosophy of True Health:
1. Physical Health
2. Financial Health
3. MetaPhysical Health
but what really did it for me was his kindness and motivation for us to be a conduit for:
1. Giving people a second chance
2. Helping Have-Nots To Succeed
3. And giving a Means to Give Back
Because I was broke and almost in a bankruptcy situation due to redundancy and the property crash, I was stressed, depressed and suffering from a debilitating bowel disease called Diverticulitis. I was in pain across the board!
So now I have taken my second Chance, I am helping Have-Nots to Succeed and I am Giving Back and I want this for you!
Come along and learn how Kangen Water, Mr Ohshiro;s Philosophy and my commitment to you reaching your potential with Enagic and let's see if we can make some changes to the world!
Remove Chemical additives from our tap water
Harmful Properties of Bottled Water
Hazards in Soda and Soft Drinks
Acidic Drinks and our Children
Environmental Impact of Single Use Plastic Bottles
Bring your body into a state of balance
Give you increased energy
Improve your overall health and quality of life
Make your food cleaner and more delicious
Replace your toxic household cleaners
LEARN about our FREE business Offer:
Free global business for every customer
Helping people into improved physical health
Financial security from referrals
Unlimited income potential
Build a Legacy business from your home
We will demonstrate all of this in a compelling FREE presentation, with NO OBLIGATION or sales pressure.
A friendly, fun environment.
Call or message Pete Chapman on 07823 772234 if you need further information

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