Management Development Programme

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Management Development Programme
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From Fri 31 January 2020 to Fri 13 March 2020
From Friday 31 January 2020 to Friday 13 March 2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Staying out in front today takes more than just being a good manager. It requires the skills of a real leader. This action-learning programme is designed for Business Owners, Directors and Senior Managers who are looking to maximise their leadership abilities, management process skills and coach their teams to higher levels of performance.

This programme explores the fundamentals of inspirational leadership, strategies for decision-making, the tools and techniques for communicating persuasively, how to build an innovative team culture, set performance expectations empower and enable your team, build more commitment and trust in the workplace.

Key Objectives:

  • Inspirational Leadership. Recognise the qualities of inspirational leadership. Build a motivational environment that encourages commitment and high performance teamwork.

  • Encouraging Creativity & Innovation. Use processes that drive creativity and innovation. Implement proven methods of improving performance and productivity.

  • Decision Making Techniques. Develop your decision-making confidence, encourage others to take initiative for solving problems.

  • Time Management and Prioritisation. Stay productive with multiple demands on my time. Remain focussed under pressure to hit targets and deadlines

  • Communication. Encourage greater communication at an organisational and individual level. Listen to understand.

  • Business and Project Planning. Master the eight-step planning process. Transform your vision and goals into specific plans of action.

  • Setting Performance Expectations. Know how to define performance standards for your team. Emphasise responsibility and accountability for results.

  • Delegation and Empowerment. Learn how to delegate effectively. Develop positive control systems encourage positive feedback and keep plans on track.

  • Performance Coaching & Review. Understand the role of positive coaching. Encourage higher levels of productivity and performance. Deliver performance reviews that encourage and motivate.

  • Leadership Styles. Recognise my personal leadership style and tendencies. Become more effective at achieving results through the engaging the willing co-operation of my team.

Programme Duration: One 4 hour meeting each week for 7 consecutive weeks.

Participants and their line manager are personally interviewed prior to the programme in order that specific and measurable behaviour and skill development objectives are documented. Feedback and ongoing evaluation is maintained throughout the project against the agreed development objectives.

Feedback from recent participants:

‘The PDG Management Development Programme lays down the principles which will serve me and my team well into the future. It has improved me already, but the effects will be greater as time goes on and I challenge my own behaviour in the long term.’

‘The PDG Management Development Programme was an informative and practical approach to management training which provides the tools required to effectively implement the relevant strategies. The performance management tools all provide structure for controlling the process.’

‘An excellent programme, well researched, prepared and presented. A valuable exercise I would recommend. Anyone with management responsibilities would benefit from attendin’..

The Leadership course, combined with the Management Development Programme, has been the single most influential programme of self improvement I have ever had the good fortune to attend’.

As MD and principle coach at PDG, I found Michael's help with senior management development and managing change at the RHA most refreshing. His course material is based on sound 'real world' principles. Delivery is comforting in its simplicity, empathy and effectiveness. But most importantly the training relates to the job in hand meaning the days spent learning translate into quick wins once back in the office’.

Excellent programme, sometimes very eye opening with great management and leadership tools taught. The best course of its type I have been on.

Who we are:

The team at PDG have been delivering professional development training courses for nearly 30 years.Our programmes support the growth of your business and it's key people by changing the fundamental core attitudes and behaviors that measurably improve individual and business performance.

Our range of development courses include;

Leadership and Personal Excellence Programme

Management Development Programme

Powerful Business Presentations

Soft Skills for Techies

How Millennial Managers Become Great Leaders

Assert Yourself , Build Confidence and Develop Your Personal Potential

How to Handle Multiple Demands on Your Time

How to Hold Tough Conversations Respectfully

Introduction to Project Planning and Management


Open programmes run in Leeds and other locations throughout the UK.

Tailored programmes are delivered both in the UK and Internationally.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements;

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