Magico-Materialism Reading Group: Esotericism and the Academy

Sunday  9 June  2019  2:00 PM    Sunday  9 June  2019 4:00 PM
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Last update 10/06/2019

The Magico-Materialism Study Circle functions as a DIY 'Invisible College' for explorations around the intersections of magic and social change.*

This session focuses on extracts from Wouter Hanegraaf's Esotericism and the Academy (register for PDF extracts) - New joiners welcome!

"Academics tend to look on 'esoteric', 'occult' or 'magical' beliefs with contempt, but are usually ignorant about the religious and philosophical traditions to which these terms refer, or their relevance to intellectual history. Wouter Hanegraaff tells the neglected story of how intellectuals since the Renaissance have tried to come to terms with a cluster of 'pagan' ideas from late antiquity that challenged the foundations of biblical religion and Greek rationality. Expelled from the academy on the basis of Protestant and Enlightenment polemics, these traditions have come to be perceived as the Other by which academics define their identity to the present day. Hanegraaff grounds his discussion in a meticulous study of primary and secondary sources, taking the reader on an exciting intellectual voyage from the fifteenth century to the present day and asking what implications the forgotten history of exclusion has for established textbook narratives of religion, philosophy and science."

This event is part of a series of reading group sessions, but each can be attended independently. No need to have attended the others. There is no need to have read all of the suggested extracts to attend, copies will be provided on the day.


*please note, we seek to explore these questions from an egalitarian perspective - if you hold or profess views that are incompatible with that position, then you will not be welcome.

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