Made Visible - David Cottingham

Wednesday  22 November  2017  6:00 PM    Monday  27 November  2017 1:00 PM
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Last update 28/11/2017

EXHIBITION DATES | 23rd November - 27th November
PRIVATE VIEW | 22nd November 6 - 9pm

This exciting show is the culmination of a fifteen-year journey for me, studying the art of Dance and indeed a lifetime of
working directly from the figure. It represents a coming together of both strands of my painting, abstract and figurative
and also a full-circle return to my original study of sculpture at St Martins College.
After many years of drawing from life I began to experiment by trying to capture something of the sensation of the
dancer’s own journey in space and time. In my latest work, I have done this by returning in part to oil painting, which
offers new possibilities both in fluidity of brushwork and more importantly, the use of richer colours to denote space and
volume. This was a breakthrough for me; to use my linear drawing style to express the movement and at the same time
to use colour to overlay ambiguous background areas.
The accompanying small series of sculptures in Clay and Metal take the Dance theme into a spatial dimension. As a
student, I worked on welded metal abstracted forms and now combine this linear approach with the solidity of the body.
So here the journey comes full circle in its attempts to make visible the transient energy and contained power of Dance.
Made Visible has been a very rewarding show to collaborate on.It was a revelation to work with this particular focus and
for that I owe a special debt of gratitude to Vanessa Clark of VC Art, who encouraged me at every step along this
journey towards making the transitory visible and the dancer appear timeless. I hope you enjoy the results.

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